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Jews have only themselves to blame after their ‘hate speech’ complaint backfires badly –

Zionists call these ultra-orthodox “True Torah” Jews “self-hating Jews” because they historically opposed the creation of the Zionist state, and still do. The “anti-semitic” label doesn’t stick on these people either.

AUSTRALIA’S Jewish/Zionist lobby has been caught out by none other than the NSW police for distributing false information aimed at fomenting hatred against Australian Palestinians and their supporters.

Last October 9th a rowdy pro-Palestinian demonstration was held outside the Sydney Opera House, which was bathed in blue and white lights as a “solidarity gesture” following the October 7 Hamas attack. During the demonstration an Israeli flag was burnt and some among the crowd started various chants such as “f… the Jews”, “free Palestine” and “shame Israel”. But members of the Australian Jewish Association lodged an official complaint with police over claims that the crowd chanted “Gas the Jews!”.

Police were told “an offensive anti-semitic phrase was chanted during the event”. Apparently police and the public were also supposed to be shocked and stunned by this complaint. How dare any Palestinian at a demonstration cast a racist slur against Jews! Or are we to believe demonstrations are events where grievances are quietly and calmly spoken and the greatest care is taken to avoid any offence?

However, NSW Police Deputy Commissioner Mal Lanyon. confirmed at a recent press conference that investigations by a special strike force (no less!) produced no evidence of protesters chanting “gas the Jews” during the pro-Palestine rally. Instead, police confirmed protesters were chanting “Where’s the Jews”. It’s arguable what was chanted.

A similar incident occurred in New York recently when some Zionists claimed that marchers calling for a Gaza ceasefire were chanting, “we want Jewish genocide..” The actual chant was [Biden, Biden you can’t hide], “we charge you with genocide.” Our guess is that most adults would see it as childish for people to complain that their feelings were hurt by “hate speech” at a demonstration – unless some personal defamation was involved.

Peter Cronau, a former ABC journalist posted on X that there was a part missing from an ABC report on this story – the identity of the group which originated the hate speech allegations. “The Australian Jewish Association is a private unrepresentative little group who has been caught out red-handed,” he wrote. “But the damage is done. The public’s mind was poisoned by false hate speech allegations, that just happened to align with pro-Israel lobbying. Why not tell us more, ABC?”

The incident prompted a flood of other anti-Israel comments and videos, including a video of Professor Norman Finkelstein, a prominent Jew and critic of Israel, who described the country as “an evil and satanic state” and the bombing of Gaza worse than the allied bombing of Dresden in WW2. He was also horrified by a poll showing 60% of Israelis believed not enough damage was done in Gaza.

The outcry over the “anti-semitic hate speech” in Sydney was apparently supposed to remind everyone of the holocaust and expose the pro-Palestinians as evil anti-semites or Nazi sympathizers while painting Australian Jews as “hate crime” victims. But it all backfired. The Sydney protesters were largely a cross section of various leftist groups who, globally, see Israel as a white colonialist oppressor state.

Among the protesters were some local Jews who called themselves Jews Against the Occupation. One woman, a former resident of Israel, described herself as a “former Zionist” and Israel as “a colonial, apartheid, genocidal state” which “does not represent anything to do with being Jewish at all” and is “exploiting our trauma from the holocaust”.

Israelis, of course, have complaints against Gaza too, apart from the Hamas attack. Before they handed over control of Gaza to Hamas in 2005 they had developed a major flower and tomato export business from the area but Hamas apparently destroyed the entire operation upon being elected to govern. The woman elected to lead Hamas was also allegedly the mother of three suicide bombers and promised to send more.

But what the Israelis won’t tell you is that they played an active role in promoting Hamas in order to divide Palestinian political power that was previously dominated by Fatah. Among other impositions, they also restricted Gaza’s fishing fleet to a mere 3 nautical miles from the previous 12 and 20 miles before that.

Early last October, Israel appeared to turn off its high-tech border defence system that can detect small birds approaching, creating the opportunity for the “Hamas airforce” raid, consisting of a few motorised hang gliders. They also blew a hole in the fence allowing vehicle access – events that the IDF would have us believe had gone completely undetected until after they happened. Egypt had repeatedly warned of “something big” brewing in Gaza but Israel ignored them.

The October 7th Hamas raid and associated killings (some were later attributed to the eventual IDF response) presented the Israeli war machine with an opportunity to hit Gaza, and hit they did in a campaign of carpet bombing that destroyed much of the northern part of the city and killed some 20,000 people. This is probably what Israel intended to do all along, but they needed an excuse.

Israel’s leaders and the news outlet Haaretz both denied reports of baby beheadings by Hamas being fake, claiming international forensic experts meeting in Israel had confirmed beheaded remains of babies “although whether this happened before or after their deaths was unknown”. All sorts of questions have arisen around the attack, but are too many to go into much detail here.

We should also mention that Hamas is accused by some Gazans and others of stopping the general population escaping the war zone as well as receiving aid. But Israelis were doing the same thing. Meanwhile Israel plays “hunger games” with the same population, dropping warning leaflets in zones before going in and destroying anything identified with Hamas. The propaganda war is fierce too.

Palestinians, of course, have been at war with the Zionists since 1936 when the Zionist militias, the Irgun and Haganah, launched campaigns of terror against the local Arab-Palestinian inhabitants of then Palestine (now Israel).

Present-day Palestinians have not forgotten the Zionists’ role in the forced removal of some 750,000 of their recent ancestors (some still living) from their lands and homes in 1948 – an event called the Nakba or disaster. Today, Jewish settlers from across the across the world continue a campaign of stealing Palestinian homes and land in the West Bank, ostensibly a Palestinian-administered area that is tightly controlled by Israel, as is Gaza – the other self-administered Palestinian area.

This open sore of the Middle East has festered now for 75 years, with Israel and worldwide Jewry fighting a losing battle to convince the world they are the perpetually persecuted minority surrounded by fanatical Islamic regimes, who “just like the Nazis” are hellbent on their extermination. While it’s no surprise that certain militant Islamic groups like Hamas profess that desire, it’s far from reality in terms of those nations across the Middle East.

In fact it was the Jewish neoconservatives of the United States who proposed a series of wars to reassert US control over the Middle East in the notorious 1990s document called Project for a New American Century (PNAC). The founders of that project were William Kristol and Robert Kagan, who are of course among other prominent war mongering Jews behind that document.

PNAC called for the US to strengthen ties with allies, “challenge regimes hostile to our interests and values” and preserve and extend “an international order friendly to our security, our prosperity, and our principles.” It called for a “Reaganite” policy of “military strength and moral clarity”. Behind all the rhetoric was the implicit message to Middle Eastern nations (Israel excluded) “submit to us or get your butts kicked”. Iraq, Syria and Libya were victims of that policy.

The PNAC idea, as it turned out, was given a trigger event, “a new Pearl Harbor” as the document itself coincidentally happened to mention, in the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks. Dare we say that this event was riddled with Israeli intelligence players, and only the most uninformed observer would deny that.

Most well known among them were the notorious Israeli “removalists”, caught videoing from across the Hudson River as the World Trade Center towers went down then high-fiving each other. Not so well known is the pre-attack role played at the World Trade Center by so-called Israeli art students, who were photographed at work with tools in an abandoned floor in the tower with walls lined by cardboard from boxes of fuse holders for explosives. Of course only an antisemitic conspiracy theorist would consider that suspicious.

Given Jewish denial of their aggressive role in Middle Eastern serial wars and their blatant, ongoing theft of Palestinian homes and land (which will now include Gaza), it’s incumbent on their worldwide network of supporters, particularly the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith, to perpetually peddle their alleged victimhood.

Creating an “anti-semitic” incident like a swastika spray painted on or near a synagogue is old hat for Jewish communities in the west. It has been going on in Australia for decades. But such little false flag events are doing nothing for their credibility.

In Germany Jewish persecution has been turned into a crime, for instance to publicly deny the holocaust or disseminate Nazi propaganda, both off and online. This includes sharing images such as swastikas, wearing an SS uniform and making statements in support of Hitler. There is a very strong push by the Jewish lobby to do this in Australia.

The law also places strict rules on how social media companies must moderate and report hate speech and threats. These hate-speech laws were tightened in 2020, after three “far-right terror attacks in 2019 and early 2020”, and now the same Jewish lobby is pushing for worldwide internet restrictions.

The Jewish lobby has another major problem to deal with – the growing realisation that few Israelis have any genetic connection to the biblical Israelites or Jews. Eran Elhaik, an Israeli molecular geneticist, has published research that he says debunks the popular claim that Jews share an ethnic-racial bond rooted in their common ancestral descent from the indigenous Jews of ancient Judea or Palestine.

Elhaik has described as “liars and frauds” prominent Israeli geneticists including Harry Ostrer, professor of pathology and genetics at Yeshiva University’s Albert Einstein College of Medicine and author of the 2012 book “Legacy: A Genetic History of the Jewish People.”

Elhaik says he has discovered that the DNA of the average Israeli isn’t Jewish, but Khazarian, which supports the theory of the famous Hungarian author Arthur Koestler as outlined in his book The Thirteenth Tribe. Interestingly, Jews aren’t allowed to take a DNA test in Israel unless they get special government permission.

The Khazarian theory is also expounded by author Michael Bradley in his book Chosen People from the Caucasus. Bradley maintains that the Khazarians, who converted to Judaism in 740AD and were driven to Eastern Europe by the Mongols, have no historical or genetic connection to the ancient Hebrews of the Bible.

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