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J6 political prisoner stands firm in face of Biden-Obama torture regime –

Ryan Samsel, pictured after his infamous beating at the hands of Washington DC’s notorious prison operators, and below in the “cell” he was forced to live in for five months.

ONLY in some archetypal Third World dictatorship would hundreds of people be arrested at a political protest then held in jail for years and routinely tortured. That’s the world according to the BBC and CNN, but the reality is it’s the United States federal government under the Biden-Obama administration.

Biden, the pathetic, bumbling sock puppet of the silver-tongued, homosexual globalist Barrack Obama, will spout half-coherently about “livin’ in our great democracy” at one of his embarrassing campaign events, but it’s all lies and theatre from the two most debauched and corrupt US presidents in history. This regime is destroying the rule of law in America.

One of the 570 people arrested (mid-2023 figure) after the massive January 6th 2021 protest and prayer gathering in Washington DC was Ryan Samsel, who became involved in the frontline fracas with DC police when FBI operatives including Ray Epps stirred up an attack on severely stretched police lines behind a temporary steel fence. Epps had been calling on those gathered to “go into the Capitol”.

On January 31st, Samsel completed three years in jail without trial, apparently part of his punishment for refusing to do a plea deal with federal authorities, because he knows such a deal will be used as evidence against dozens of other January 6 prisoners, suspects and even the former President Donald Trump.

“Look at the guys in World War 2 and Vietnam and the wars before, even the Civil War and Revolutionary War. When you’re held captive against tyrants you can’t give in, you don’t turn your coat in to get your little bit of freedom, because that freedom is only temporary,” Samsel told Stew Peters in a prison phone interview this week.

“They offered me to go home. I could have had a hot steak and a cold beer, but when I woke up every morning to brush my teeth and look at myself in the mirror and would I be looking at Ryan Samsen or would I be looking at a sell-out and I refuse to sell my soul. So I’d rather die here and if that’s what it costs, so be it. I should chose to die here.”

Samsel allegedly caused one of the steel fence sections to hit a female officer, causing concussion. He had been trying to help a fellow protester who had been hit in the face with a rubber bullet. Samsel was arrested on January 31st as part of a massive FBI sweep of the nation based on camera IDs of the several hundred people involved in the incident, including dozens of people who simply walked into the Capitol building after the doors were opened.

Media and Democrat politicians hysterically labeled the protest an “insurrection”, that is, an attempt to overthrow a “duly elected” government. In fact the event was advertised as a prayer gathering and a protest against the certification of an election strongly suspected of being rigged.

Peters described Samsel as “a prisoner of war held without due process, bussed around to various holding facilities, beaten, isolated, starved and suffered extreme weight loss, denied appropriate medical care for pre-cancer symptoms, forced to live in a mop closet while in federal custody.”

Through all of this Samsel has suffered a broken skull, a dislocated jaw, a broken nose, the loss of eyesight, repeated seizures and currently, blood clots. Samsel requires surgery but the federal government repeatedly delays it.

Peters says Samsel has been tied to chairs and benches for extended periods of time and stabbed by prison guards – all the while being held without a conviction from the January 6th, 2021 incident. “This is just the pre-conviction phase of the Federal Government’s Stalinist torture regime. And by the way, much of this torture was directly ordered by assistant US attorney Karen Rockland,” he said.

Now Samsel does not have a clean record, with nine convictions including several assaults (one on his pregnant girlfriend) and “terroristic threats”, according to prison authorities. But would that justify a campaign or torture against a prisoner in a country that is supposed to be a shining beacon of the rule of law and due process? Samsel’s case is not unique as other January 6th prisoners are in jail suffering treatment designed to send a chilling message to others.

Even mainstream media as early as 2021 was not able to ignore Samsel’s case. His current list of charges relate to his alleged role in breaking through a police line. He has regularly protested his ongoing pre-trial detention, but has been denied such relief in each case, allegedly due to the severity of the charges against him and his previous criminal record.

In 2021 Samsel’s lawyer told CBS News that his client was “viciously and savagely” beaten by a guard in a Washington, D.C. jail and may lose sight in one eye because of his injuries. Peters said Samsel had suffered full-day black-out periods in his cell and had even woke up in ambulances or hospital after being “brought back to life” by emergency responders.

In the phone interview Samsel highlighted what he called a strategy by the Federal Goverment to force January 6th inmates to plead guilty and then use such a plea as evidence against other January 6 defendants and in future Department of Justice cases against Donald Trump.

Samsel says the prison officials and officers, like many members of the public, had been poisoned by the propaganda that J6 prisoners were little more than extreme racists and bigots who deserved punishment and as such were separated from the general prison population.

“What the government would do is they would separate us for punishment, so they would take one January sixer and put them on a population block until he gets stabbed. For instance when I was at Lewisburg Prison, Lieutenant Cordonias was upset with me because I tried to reach out to Congress and he got mad at me and so he transferred me to Brooklyn and put me on the gang unit block and eventually I was fighting three to four times a week there – they do it indirectly,” Samsel said.

The CIA-linked Snopes fact-checker site was only able to provide a weak, official rebuttal by federal prison officials of the photo of Samsel in a tiny cell, saying the photos “do not depict a cell at FDC Philadelphia.” They may have been telling the truth, because the cupboard could hardly be defined as a standard cell.

Snopes was fact-checking (yes, they actually do check facts, but often selectively) an August 2023 story by the Gateway Pundit, which reported: “During his two-and-a-half years without trial Ryan has been moved around to 17 different facilities. Ryan has been beaten, abused, tortured, and neglected since his arrest in January 2021. Earlier this week The Gateway Pundit received exclusive photos from Ryan Samsel’s prison cell at the FDC in Philadelphia. The cell was a size of a closet with a light on all of the time. The cell had a thin blue mattress, no sheets or blankets, no clothing, and he was kept here for five months straight.”

Even CBS News highlighted Samsel’s treatment in 2021 by reporting that another Capitol riot defendant, Ronald Sandlin, told a federal judge during a bail hearing that Samsel was one of a number of defendants in the case who’d been subjected to violence by DC correctional officers.

“In an interview with WUSA, Elisabeth Pasqualini said Samsel was “viciously and savagely” beaten by a corrections officer in the D.C. Correctional Treatment Facility after the guard zip-tied Samsel’s hands.

“She said she was only alerted to the alleged attack when two attorneys representing other defendants contacted her and said her client had gotten “a beatdown” by a guard and was in the hospital.” Pasqualine confirmed he suffered serious injuries, including a shattered orbital floor, a broken orbital bone, broken jaw and nose, and possible loss of vision in his right eye.”

Pasqualini reported the assault to jail officials and the FBI, who both told her they were “conducting internal investigations”. An FBI Washington Field Office spokesman told (CBS affiliate) WUSA9 by email that the agency was aware of the allegations but that “as a matter of policy we can neither confirm nor deny the existence of an investigation.” The thugs at the DC Department of Corrections did not respond.

CBS also reported that arrested Oath Keeper organiser Thomas Caldwell was released on bond in part because, his lawyer said, he’s been confined to a wheelchair as a result of not having access to orthopedic treatment while in custody. The DC jail thugs apparently did their job.

But CBS does not have entirely clean hands in regard to J6 reporting. They, like other media, indulged with DC police a shockingly sleazy show put on in testimony before the sham January 6th Committee to create in the minds of the public that the J6 protesters were largely racist and criminal scum of the highest order who wanted to kill police and overthrow the government.

The 2021 footage, featuring the bitter and twisted Republican deep state plant Liz Cheney, is a laughable example of a government-organised hate campaign introduced by television anchors in faux shock, struggling with emotion and warning the audience of “graphic and disturbing” video. “Maud, don’t switch the channel!”

The CBS reporter came out with the “gut-wrenching testimony” cliché as the segment opened with a still shot of one of the officers (an Iraq veteran) wiping “tears from his eyes” and being “comforted” by a fellow officer who later testifies that the mob (or more likely the FBI provocateurs) shouted in unison “get his gun and kill him with his own gun”. Another shouted “this nigger voted for Joe Biden!” and others “Boo! F… the nigger.” Yeah right. Or should that be an LOL?

Since then, thanks to Tucker Carlson getting thousands of hours of security video footage from the Congress, the J6 narrative that we suspected as fake all along, has fallen in a heap. Carlson calmly explains how the control of the J6 footage played in a loop for two years portrayed what the Democrats and media wanted the public to think. But actual, extended footage demolished that narrative.

Just as revealing as the full Capitol footage is of the depth of this false flag operation, is the recent revelations that the so-called J6 pipe bomber was discovered by the FBI to be a former government official. But the same FBI blocked the investigation, pulling the team off the lead.

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