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IRONIC TWIST: New York Times Columnist Suggests Trump is Now Seen as the ‘Return to Normalcy’ Candidate | The Gateway Pundit


New York Times columnist and pollster Kristen Soltis Anderson is saying that Donald Trump is now seen as the ‘return to normalcy’ candidate.

This is a shocking turn of events for anyone who has been following political news for the last several years. When Trump won in 2016, liberals all over the country started saying “this is not normal.” It became a common talking point.

Then in 2020, Democrats claimed that Biden would be the ‘return to normalcy’ candidate. Everyone can see how that worked out.

Breitbart News reports:

NYT Pollster: Donald Trump Seen as the Return to Normalcy Candidate

Voters perceive former President Donald Trump as the return to normalcy candidate after President Joe Biden failed to “put things back in order,” pollster and New York Times columnist Kristen Soltis Anderson recently wrote.

Anderson’s observation highlights Biden’s failure to restore America to a state of predictable stability following three years of his chaotic policies:

– Draconian pandemic mandates
– Deadly Afghan withdrawal
– Soaring cost of living
– Growing instability in Ukraine and the Middle East
– Record high invasion on the southern border

“The 2024 election will not be fought along the conventional axis of left and right or even change and more of the same,” Anderson wrote in the Times. “Voters very much want change; they have made that clear with the absolutely abominable ratings they give our leadership in poll after poll.”

“But instead of clamoring for someone to blow everything up, they are crying out for someone to put things back in order,” she wrote. “Voters wanted this from Mr. Biden and clearly feel he didn’t deliver, which is why Mr. Trump currently leads by notable margins across most of the key swing states.”

It’s amazing to hear this from a liberal at the NY Times.

When journos at liberal outlets are talking like this, you know Biden has a serious problem on his hands.

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