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Impeachment Insurance? Kamala Harris Polls Worse Than Joe Biden–Even Among Black Voters | The Gateway Pundit


With Joe Biden facing an impeachment inquiry and questions about his age and cognitive ability amid the worse polling for an incumbent president running for reelection in decades, Kamala Harris should be positioned to step in on the campaign trail to replace Biden at the top of the ticket.

Yet Harris, who ignobly dropped out of the 2020 Democrat presidential primary before the first vote was cast due to her abysmal polling–including in her home state of California (only 7%) , is still incredibly unpopular four years later.

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Harris, whose father is a Black man from Jamaica and her late mother was from India, plays up her Black identity on the campaign trail more so than her Indian heritage. Example, Harris’ last post for 2023:

A USA Today/Suffolk University Poll released Monday shows Harris polling worse than Biden among Black voters. Harris, a graduate of Howard University, recently completed a tour of HBCUs (Historically Black Colleges and Universities) that apparently failed to impress.

USA Today excerpt:

Kamala Harris’ standing lags among Black voters, young voters

…The Biden team has dispatched Vice President Kamala Harris as a natural emissary to university campuses, including some historically Black colleges. She is the first Black and Asian-American to serve as vice president, and at age 59 she is a generation younger than Biden, who is 81.

But the findings reveal difficulties she herself has with the Democratic base. She gets lower job approval ratings than Biden among Black voters, 56% compared with 68%. She lags Biden among voters younger than 35, too, at 27% compared with 32%.

Overall, Biden’s job approval rating is 39% approve, 58% disapprove. Of those, 43% “strongly” disapprove and 13% “strongly” approve.

Harris’ job approval rating is 33% approve, 57% disapprove. Of those, 40% “strongly” disapprove and 7% “strongly” approve.

Harris has failed spectacularly at one of the first jobs Biden gave her: Border czar. Millions upon millions of illegal aliens have poured across the nation’s borders with no end in site despite Harris being tasked with finding the root cause of mass migration.

Harris’ public speaking style of word salads and cackling has become a source of humor among Republicans and cringe for Democrats. Harris is apparently not a pleasant person to work for, having churned though staff at a much higher rate than Biden.

In the first year of the Biden administration a great effort was made to prepare Harris to step in if needed, now it appears the hope is that Harris is impeachment insurance–so unpopular and incompetent that Republicans and Democrats would be fearful of making her president by voting to convict and remove Biden.

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