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‘I’m Just Okay With That’: Bill Maher Admits Abortion is Murder and He Still Supports It (VIDEO) | The Gateway Pundit


Real Time host Bill Maher has admitted that abortion is murder but says that he is comfortable with this harsh reality.

During a discussion on his HBO talk show with former CNN host Piers Morgan, Maher responded to another panelist who described using abortion as an electoral issue as “strange.”

He responded:

Not if you believe it is murder. That’s why I don’t understand the 15-week thing. Trump’s plan is let’s leave it to the states. So you mean so killing babies is okay in some states? I can respect the absolutist position, I really can. I scold the left when they say, ‘Oh, you know what, they just hate women, people who aren’t pro-choice.’ They don’t hate women. They just made that up.

They think it’s murder. And it kind of is. And I’m just okay with that. I am. There are 8 billion people in the world. I’m sorry, we won’t miss you. That’s my position on that.

Maher’s comments come after Donald Trump released a statement outlining his position on abortion if he gets back into the White House, amid growing concern that the issue is electorally damaging the Republican Party.

“This 50-year battle over Roe v Wade took it out of the federal hands and brought it into the hearts, minds, and vote of the people in each state was really something,” Trump explained.

“Now it’s up to the states to do the right thing,” he continued. “Like Ronald Reagan, I am strongly in favor of exceptions for rape, incest, and life of the mother. You must follow your heart of this issue, but remember, you must also win elections to restore our culture, and in fact, to save our country, which is currently, and very sadly, a nation in decline.”

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