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Illegal Alien from Haiti Arrested for Double Murder in New York – Released into US With Biden’s CBP One App | The Gateway Pundit


Joe Biden’s America.

An illegal alien from Haiti was arrested in New York for allegedly killing his Haitian roommates on April 1st.

Kenol Baptiste was charged with second-degree murder and first-degree manslaughter, according to Middletown Police Department.

The two victims had been stabbed several times. One victim died at the scene while the second victim died at the hospital during surgery.

Fox News Reported:

FIRST ON FOX: A Haitian migrant now accused of killing two roommates in New York was paroled into the U.S. after booking an appointment on the controversial CBP One app — which has been expanded by the Biden administration to allow tens of thousands of migrants to enter the U.S. each month.

Kenol Baptiste, a Haitian national, was arrested in Middletown, New York, on April 1 for second-degree murder, first-degree manslaughter and fourth-degree criminal possession of a weapon, Middletown PD said in a statement earlier this month.

Police said that two men had sustained multiple stab wounds. One was determined to have died at the scene, and the other was seriously injured and later died during surgery. Police said Baptiste was an acquaintance of the victims, and all lived at the same address. Baptiste was located in a nearby wooded area by the police’s K9 team. He was then detained at Orange County Jail.

Baptiste was caught by the Middletown P.D. K9 unit in a wooded area and was arrested. He was booked into Orange County Jail.

“Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) told Fox News Digital that Baptiste had arrived in the United States in July 2023 when he presented himself at the Paso Del Norte port of entry in El Paso, Texas,” Fox News reported.

Baptiste used the CBP One App last July in El Paso, Texas. He was given a “notice to appear” in court and was released into the US after being processed.

The CBP app has allowed well more that 500,000 people into the US. It is a roundabout way for illegal aliens to enter the United States.

The app has also allowed thousands of illegals to fly directly into the US bypassing the border.

CBP data released shows that under crooked Joe Biden, 404,000 illegals have been flown into the US under the regime’s CHNV parole program.

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