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Hidden National-Toxicology-Program Report Declares Fluoride Makes Children Stupid


In the meta-analysis by NTP, 52 of 55 studies revealed a decrease in children’s IQ with an increase in fluoride. Internal emails discovered through FOIA have shown that this extremely alarming report by NTP was hidden from the public by Assistant Health Sec. Rachel Levine.

On my first day in office, I will begin a review of the heads of our regulatory agencies. I will immediately fire those with a history of protecting corrupt corporations over the public good and replace them with top scientists in each field who have shown a dedication to scientific integrity throughout their careers.

This is a perfect example of the kind of regulatory capture that will end when I am president of the United States. Though I have spent my career using the court of law to draw attention to this type of corporate corruption, I will not rely on court decisions but rather on peer-reviewed science to make recommendations to the public. This is all a part of my plan to end the chronic disease and the mental health crisis in America.


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