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Gold Star Family Says Joe Biden Has Never Called to Console Family after Their Daughter-in-Law Was Blown Up at Kabul Airport by Terrorist Released from Bagram Under Biden’s Watch | The Gateway Pundit

US heroes lost at the Kabul Airport in 2021 when a terrorist released weeks earlier murdered over 170 Afghans and 13 American servicemen and women.

Marine Sgt. Nicole Gee, 23, was one of thirteen U.S. service members killed at Kabul Airport during the chaotic 2021 Afghanistan withdrawal and Joe Biden’s surrender to the Taliban.

On Sunday, Christy Shamblin, the mother-in-law of US Marine Sgt. Nicole Gee told CNN that Joe Biden has never called to console the family after their daughter died in the Kabul blast.

Via Kanekoa the Great.

ABBY PHILLIP: “President Biden, he’s often called the consoler in chief. He does talk to families who’ve lost loved ones because of his own experiences. Have you experienced that from him as you’ve been coping with the death of Nicole?”


ABBY PHILLIP: “Have you spoken to him?”

CHRISTY SHAMBLIN: “No, he has not reached out to our family. We’ve actually reached out to the White House and have never heard back. We asked to meet with them to kind of understand where their thinking was in calling this a success, and we’ve not received a response. It’s been months. No, that’s not been our experience at all.”

ABBY PHILLIP: “Sorry to hear that.”

For the Record — NEVER FORGET — Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, Joint Chief Chairman Mark Milley, and CentCom Commander General Kenneth McKenzie all knew about the Kabul Airport terrorist bombing at the Abbey Gate hours in advance.

The top US Military leaders knew that the Abbey Gate Soldiers were at the greatest risk.

Commanders calling in from Kabul relayed that the Abbey Gate, where American citizens had been told to gather in order to gain entrance to the airport, was “highest risk,” and detailed their plans to protect the airport.

13 US servicemen and women were killed in the attack.

Previously, American heroes confirmed to The Gateway Pundit that US brass knew the suicide bomber was in the area of the Kabul Airport but military brass would not let them take him out.

US Marine sniper later testified that this was true.  He was not allowed to take out the bomber.

Sgt. Tyler Vargas-Andrews, a U.S. Marine Corps sniper who served in Afghanistan during the surrender to the Taliban forces, testified before Congress earlier this year. Vargas told Congress that he was denied permission to shoot the suicide bomber in Afghanistan that killed 13 service members and over 170 civilians.

From his testimony:

Over the communication network we passed that there was a potential threat and an ID attack imminent. This was as serious as it could get. I requested engagement authority while my team leader was ready on the M110 semiautomatic sniper system.  The response: Leadership did not have the engagement authority for us. Do not engage. I requested for the battalion commander, lieutenant Colonel Brad Whited, to come to the tower to see what we did.  Wile we waited for him psychological operations individuals came to our tower immediately and confirmed the suspect met the suicide bomber description.

He eventually arrived, and we showed him our evidence, the photos we had of the two men. We reassured him of the ease of fire on the suicide bomber. Pointedly, we asked him for engagement authority and permission. We asked him if we could shoot. Our battalion commander said, and I quote, “I don’t know,” end quote. Myself and my team leader asked very harshly, “Well, who does?  Because this is your responsibility, sir.”

He again replied he did not know, but would find out. We received no update and never got our answer. Eventually, the individual disappeared. To this day, we believe he was a suicide bomber. We made everyone on the ground aware operations had briefly halted, but then started again. Plain and simple, we were ignored. Our expertise was disregarded. No one was held accountable for our safety.

MILE LONG PARADE OF VEHICLES Honor LCpl. Jared Schmitz Who Was Killed in Kabul — THOUSANDS of Trucks, Cars, Patriot Guard Bikers Turn Out in St. Louis to Escort American Hero Home (VIDEO)

Joe Biden allowed the Islamic bomber Abdul Reham al Logari to escape from Bagram Air Base prison after Biden abandoned the base in the middle of the night.

Abdul Rehman was incarcerated at the Bagram prison for the past four years until he was set free by the Taliban terrorists.

MILE LONG PARADE OF VEHICLES Honor LCpl. Jared Schmitz Who Was Killed in Kabul — THOUSANDS of Trucks, Cars, Patriot Guard Bikers Turn Out in St. Louis to Escort American Hero Home (VIDEO)

These soldiers, navy specialists and Marines did not have to die.

Joe Biden and the military brass own this massacre.

MILE LONG PARADE OF VEHICLES Honor LCpl. Jared Schmitz Who Was Killed in Kabul — THOUSANDS of Trucks, Cars, Patriot Guard Bikers Turn Out in St. Louis to Escort American Hero Home (VIDEO)

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