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Freedom Convoy anniversary demonstrators: ‘We’re the majority now,’ we ‘woke the masses up’


About 1,000 people attended a Saturday demonstration and march in Ottawa, ON, commemorating the two-year anniversary of the Freedom Convoy’s forced put-down in February of 2022.

Some attendees described the rally as a continuation of an ongoing campaign to raise awareness of governmental and institutional abuses of power related to edicts, decrees, and policies marketed as safety measures related to COVID-19.

“I’m here today to remember what we as Canadians did two years ago,” one woman told Rebel News, “and the fact that we’re back here standing on that hill today, means the fight’s not over. It’s not over. It’s kind of just beginning. There’s a lot of people out there that are just starting to awaken, they’re just starting to open their eyes. and we can’t stop shedding the light here.”

Another lady said, “We need real help in this country. Many of us weren’t allowed to participate in much of society because we didn’t want to be injected with a thing. Many of us couldn’t wear masks without being assaulted and accosted [while] just out shopping trying to buy a tomato for dinner.”

She added, “What happened in Ottawa in February of 2022 has changed the world. It woke the masses up, and it created a global movement.”

Many demonstrators said recent years amounted to an inflection point in their political awareness. They said lockdowns and other governmentally-ordered mandates marketed as “public health” measures forced them to consider political and philosophical questions they previously had not paid attention to.

A man from Montreal reflected on the unprecedented character of the Freedom Convoy unification of Canadians, which he took part in. When invited to share his fondest memories of the Freedom Convoy, he replied, “The unity between everybody. I’ve never seen in my lifetime anyways, in Canada, people from coast to coast, from province to province, just united, just fighting for the same cause.”

“The way that convoy wiped fear from my children’s minds is something I’ll never forget,” shared a woman. “They got to come down here and see that there’s really nothing to be afraid of, and it opened their eyes. I’m raising warriors.”

Another man said he shared livestream videos of the Freedom Convoy to inform family and friends of its character, in contrast with deceptive derisions of the 2022 demonstration pushed by the government and its allied news media.

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