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Former CIA Director John Brennan Says Intel Community will Withhold Key Information From Trump’s Security Briefings This Summer (VIDEO) | The Gateway Pundit


Former CIA Director and architect of Spygate John Brennan said the intel community will withhold key information from Trump’s security briefings this summer.

President Trump will get intel briefings after he secures the GOP nomination this summer.

Brennan told MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace that his former colleagues would give Trump analysis without sources and methods.

“It’s somewhat surreal that an individual who is under indictment for mishandling classified information is going to be getting classified intelligence briefings, but it is traditionally provided to the candidates for president by the sitting president,” Brennan said.

He continued, “I’m pretty certain that my former intelligence colleagues will provide briefings that are not going to do any type of damage to sources and methods in terms of providing information to Donald Trump that he could misuse. But they will provide briefings and overviews of some of the world’s hot spots letting Donald Trump know what the assessments are.”

“I think it will be analysis devoid of sources and methods…the kinds of things he had in the bathroom and other areas of Mar-a-Lago,” Brennan said.


President Trump never compromised sources and methods. He lawfully stored presidential records at Mar-a-Lago guarded by Secret Service agents.

Joe Biden however put the US in danger by storing SCIF-designated documents in unlocked drawers and closets.

According to Special Counsel Robert Hur, Joe Biden kept more than 600 pages of classified documents in unlocked drawers/closets at the Penn Biden Center and stored some of them in dilapidated boxes in his Delaware garage and other unsecured locations.

The FBI identified numerous folders, including many labeled “EYES ONLY VPOTUS” which contained highly classified material related to intelligence sources and methods.

However, Biden was still not charged and none of his aides, handlers or gatekeepers were charged with obstruction or conspiracy (unlike Trump’s aides).

“Mr. Biden’s office did not lock,” Hur said in his 345-page report, “and the adjoining outer office where Mr. Biden’s executive assistant maintained his files was always accessible through Mr. Biden’s office.” In a footnote, Hur added that “the Vice President’s office could only be locked from the inside using a panic button.”

Visitors from all walks of life, including dangerous actors from China and Ukraine had access to the classified documents stored at Penn Biden Center.

But Trump is the problem, according to John Brennan.

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