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Former Capitol Police Officer Gonell Aquilino Posts Veiled Threat Against J6 Political Prisoner Jake Lang – “Hopes” Brooklyn Prisoners Find Out Jake Is Vulnerable and In Their Facility | The Gateway Pundit


Earlier this week January 6 political prisoner Jake Lang sent out a request to supporters to call the Brooklyn MDC Prison and to rejoin him and Ryan Samsel to the same “non gang affiliated unit” at the Brooklyn Prison for their own safety.

Two weeks ago the Biden regime moved these too abused prisoners to Brooklyn from the DC Gulag.

Both men have faced unprecedented abuse at the hands of prison guards, Biden officials, and DC judges.

Jake Lang has been in prison for OVER THREE YEARS without trial. This is a serious criminal act that violates the US Constitution.

Jake was asking supporters to make this call:

Brooklyn MDC Prison: 718-840-4200

Email Brooklyn MDC Prison at [email protected]

This request was posted on several social media outlets.

Jake Lang has been held in US prison for 3 years after his arrest for his participation at the January 6 protests in Washington DC.

Jake Lang rescued Philip Anderson from death at the hands of police. Jake was not able to save Rosanne Boyland who died next to Philip Anderson that day.
No police officer was ever held to account for their actions that day behind the deaths of four Trump supporters.

Following the reports of Jake Lang’s current situation, former US Capitol Police officer Aquilino Gonell posted this terrible veiled threat on Twitter.

Here is what Aquilino posted on X – “He fought me in the tunnel. I hope other inmates find out They wanted to fight antifa.”

It should be noted that Officer Aquilino Gonell has lied about his injuries for over three years now.

Julie Kelly earlier posted video of Gonell after the protests and rioting outside the US Capitol that day.

He has testified under oath and in federal court proceedings that he suffered near-death injuries.

New J6 video contradicts Gonell’s claims that protesters inflicted head, shoulder, hand, and foot injuries so egregious that he required surgery and medical leave. (Not to mention “mental health” trauma.)

In a victim impact statement made in court in May, Gonell told the judge that he was “bleeding from both hands, [had] a maimed foot, hit on the head, sprayed with pepper and bear spray, beaten, punched, pushed, pulled, and assaulted by many other rioters as they try to gain entrance.”

Here he is for several minutes near the body of Rosanne Boyland at around 4:50 on Jan 6, after the protest and violence ended. His hands show no sign of injury. Nor does his shoulder, as he takes off gear.

His feet seem fine–he is seen kicking items out of the area. And his head, which had been protected by a riot helmet, shows no sign of injury, either.

Not only did Gonell lie to Congress and federal judges in “victim impact” statements, he has repeatedly lied during media interviews and on social media about his experience.

Jake Lang posted a response to Aquilino’s disgusting veiled threat.

A message from Jake in response to a veiled threat by the #1 Crocodile Teared Murderous Coward at the Capitol Police

“And we’ll do it again if our Constitutional Republic ever needs her Defenders of Liberty ” Sergeant Aquilino on January 6th unfortunately you broke your sworn oath to defend this Country & turned your weapons on an unarmed crowd of patriotic American citizens. While a Communist coup d’etat happened inside the Capitol – you & the DC Police Department acted like mindless thugs following the orders of tyrants to BRUTALIZE innocent American protestors.

You MURDERED Roseanne Boyland in my arms. What did you expect to happen after that? We took up defensive arms with whatever we could grab. You would have taken more lives if we did not stop your bloodlust police riot. It was madness YOU perpetrated on a group of unarmed peaceful protestors!!!

In the end: The J6 patriots rose to the occasion, defended ourselves successfully and took the Capitol. The Peoples House once again was filled with everyday God fearing Americans. The tyrants scattered like cockroaches when you turn on the light.

It is spineless men like you that endanger American Liberty.

Instead of maintaining your integrity & oath as a Officer, and protecting our Constitutional Republic – you completely turned coat, following ILLEGAL orders & savagely attacked the BRAZE citizens who responded to God’s call to defend our beautiful Land.

In the Spirit of God I pray for you to turn from your wicked ways & repent for the violence & upheavel you caused on January 6. I love Constitutional Police Officers & law & order, but you represented a threat to the American Constitution on January 6 and got the proper response.

As in the Nuremberg trials – every man is responsible for his own actions and it was ultimately your choice -& other cowardly officers choices to attack the American people outside the Capitol on January 6th. You will be held responsible in the court of Law in 2025 when Trump becomes our President.

Us Trump supporters all showed up just to peacefully protest. You wanted a war & you got one.

#1776 #LibertyorDeath #FreedomIsntFree #January6 #SecondAmericanRevolution #MAGA

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