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Federal accountants knew of ‘ArriveScam irregularities’ but were ‘too frightened’ to speak out


Federal accountants knew of irregularities in the $59.5 million ArriveCan program but refrained from speaking on alleged misconduct.

Accountants feared they’d be “committing career suicide” if they stuck their neck out, according to testimony by Dany Richard, president of the Association of Canadian Financial Officers. 

“Our members are faced with this situation: ‘I know ethically I have to report this. How do I do this without committing career suicide? How do I do the right thing?’” he told the Commons public accounts committee. 

As reported by Blacklock’s Reporter, as many as five accountants “flagged their concerns to management” over the ArriveCan application.

“They know not to push too hard,” said Richard. “Look at the stories we hear in the media, what happens to whistleblowers.”

“Do you know who your members raised their concerns to?” asked Conservative MP Kelly Block. “We don’t have the exact details,” replied Richard. 

“I can tell you why. Our members are afraid,” he added. “People gave us information, but they didn’t want to give us their name.”

“I had a few people reach out to me personally because they knew me,” claimed the Association president. “They said, ‘Dany, you cannot name me on this.’ They are concerned for their well-being.”

“Blowing the whistle doesn’t do you any good.”

“Some people raised red flags?” asked Bloc Québécois MP Nathalie Sinclair-Desgagné. “Exactly,” replied Richard.

“Remember, the majority of our members are accountants,” he clarified. 

“They do have Code Of Conduct obligations to raise anomalies. They have to do it and I am happy they do that,” continued Richard. “But because we are not protecting them, it is hard for them to go further.”

“Too often you will hear this in the media all the time,” he told MPs. “Somebody spoke up and their life became a living hell, because if you’re a bad actor you are going to try to cover up your tracks and that is at the cost of our members.”

“All too often we receive a call from a member who is faced with a difficult choice,” said the Association president. 

“Should they blow the whistle by speaking up at the risk of jeopardizing their career or do they simply flag their concerns and walk away? It is incredibly difficult,” he posed to committee members. 

This is a developing story.

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