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Ezra Levant: Scott Adams is wrong, censorship in Canada is even worse than he fears


I get it. It is hard to believe.

But it’s right here, on the Parliament of Canada’s website. If you see the menu for parliamentary business in the House of Commons, under the bills and legislative information section, it’s right there: the ‘online harms’ act, Bill C-63.

It’s more than 100 pages bill, but if you do a word search for “fear of hate” you’ll see it pop up a few times (in the bill’s summary, the table of contents, and so on).

The fifth instance when “fear of hate” appears is where the actual legal amendment to the Criminal Code is. It goes on for a few pages, but it grants the government astonishing power.

It describes the legal process and the various things a judge can order:

  • house arrest
  • an ankle bracelet
  • blood samples
  • a no contact list
  • no alcohol
  • etc.

Essentially, it’s is a restraining order — but for hate speech.

Scott Adams, the creator of Dilbert and a popular political commentator, says his gut tells him things can’t be this bad in Canada, even if he saw Jordan Peterson present evidence of it.

That’s understandable, it’s probably unlike anything he’s ever encountered in America and goes against what he’s heard about friendly, boring, vanilla Canada. But in Justin Trudeau, Canada has had its own Gavin Newsom-style prime minister for almost nine years.

Censorship is Trudeau’s top item on his legislative agenda — the ‘online harms’ bill is his third censorship bill in two years, and it alone creates three new censorship boards/agencies.

I hope Scott Adams revisits this topic. This is a problem so big that we Canadians are going to need some help from abroad to shine a light of scrutiny on the issue, since 99% of Canadian journalists are subsidized by the government.

In the days ahead, I predict there will be more critical examination of Bill C-63 from American and British news outlets than by Canadian news outlets.

But that’s not new, after all, several major Canadian media outlets had the story of Trudeau wearing blackface. But it took Time Magazine, an American outlet, to break that news.

We’re doing everything we can here at Rebel News to fight back. To see all of our coverage of Trudeau’s censorship, or to help us in this important fight, visit

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