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Ezra Levant: ‘Giving your opinion on the internet is not discrimination’


On Tuesday, Ezra Levant hosted an emergency broadcast breaking down the dangers hidden within the details of the Trudeau Liberals new ‘online harms’ bill, Bill C-63.

He read through Part 3 of the Canadian Human Act Rights, starting with: Orders regarding discriminatory practices.

“A discriminatory practice, as described in sections 5 to 14.‍1, may be the subject of a complaint under Part III and anyone found to be engaging or to have engaged in a discriminatory practice may be made subject to an order as provided for in section 53 or 53.‍1,” Ezra read.

Ezra noted that the internet posting was categorized as a discriminatory act. He argued that discrimination involves making choices based on certain characteristics.

Giving your opinion on the internet is not discrimination. How’s that discrimination? You haven’t altered someone’s life other than through an idea, you haven’t taken any action that is now covered by the Human Rights Act,” he exclaimed.

Ezra continued to read the next section (13.1):

It is a discriminatory practice to communicate or cause to be communicated, hate speech by means of the internet or any other means of communication in a context in which the hate speech is again, future crime, likely to foment detestation or vilification of an individual or group of individuals on the basis of a prohibited ground of discrimination.

“One of the most important things in our legal system is a Charter right, which is the ability to face your accuser, face the charges, and know who’s prosecuting you,” he said.

Ezra added that in Canada, there are no secret trials. While some parts may be subject to publication bans to protect children’s identities or for national security reasons, secret trials do not occur, unlike the historic Star Chamber trials in the UK.

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