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Ezra Levant and Alex Jones on the importance of Tucker Carlson interviewing Putin


On Thursday, former Fox News Tucker Carlson released his lengthy interview with Russian President Vladimir Putin. Carlson, who until his ouster from Fox was the host of the most widely-viewed news program in the U.S., has faced sharp criticism for his decision to sit down with the Russian leader.

The interview has since generated at least 170 million impressions on X, where Carlson posted the interview in addition to his newly-launched Tucker Carlson Network website.

While Putin’s words certainly circulate online, Carlson’s conversation with the Russian leader likely helped bring his views to a wider audience. Before the interview was public, Rebel News boss Ezra Levant joined Alex Jones and Infowars, where the pair broke down why this was such an important piece of journalism.

“It’s not just Americans who want to see it,” Levant said. “Everyone in Europe wants to see it, and everyone around the world who wants to see both Tucker and Putin. This is historic, in a way.”

“We need this dialogue, and we need to know that all Americans don’t hate Russians and all Russians don’t hate Americans,” Jones said, hopeful that Carlson’s interview could move both sides closer to peace in Ukraine.

The critics, meanwhile, just want to shut down conversation. “What they’re really saying is, ‘you’re children, you’re not allowed as adults to hear what another adult is saying.’ And that’s the essence of tyranny,” Jones said.

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