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Environment Dept wants to ascertain if large croc is dangerous before it grabs a schoolkid –


“Got any bites?” Croc enjoys the fishing with a budding Labor politician near Cairns

From Jim O’Toole, Townsville bureau

The fools that occupy the state Department of Environment are waiting for a child to be taken by a three metre salt water crocodile near Cairns before any action will be taken to remove it.

A resident from Aloomba spotted this large croc in the Mulgrave River recently

The Mulgrave River on the southern outskirts of Cairns has been known as a crocodile haunt since Cairns was settled in 1876.

Since then sprawling southern suburbs have taken up just about all the ground suitable for housing extending into the upper reaches of the river and the settlement of Goldsborough.

This settlement was hard hit by cyclone Jasper before Christmas and weeks of torrential rain has washed out the narrow bridge servicing the local population.

This left schoolkids from a dozen homes on the southern side of the river marooned, unable to cross the bridge to attend school.

So parents launched a tinnie to ferry the kids across the fast running water only to discover a large croc nearby which no doubt had been waiting for an opportunity to grab a kid.

Parents and school kids negotiating the swift waters of the Mulgrave River, on the lookout for a three metre croc. Pic Cairns Post

Rangers, after much public pressure agreed to search for the croc at night with a spotlight to ascertain its presence and if it posed any threat to the schoolchildren in the boat.

Cairns News invites Minister Leanne Linard and the rangers to take a swim in the area to find out if the crocodile is dangerous.

This Labor and Greens-driven animal rights stupidity has infected the entire department and many say the entire Labor government.

Why don’t these brain-dead Labor and Greens politicians and their departmental staff come to Goldsborough with their school kids and let them cross the river in a small tinnie?

You can bet as sure as Labor will be kicked out in October they will not come north.

Unfortunately the woke Liberals who hope to take over the George St reins by default in October are also driven by the Greens’ madness and will not do anything about the massive explosion in crocodile numbers infesting waterways between the Torres Strait and the Mary River at Maryborough.

When pressed by the Cairns Post a departmental spokeswoman(never identify themselves) said the current was too strong for traps so the rangers would monitor the area with a spotlight at night.

“If they observe a crocodile and assess that it poses a risk to public safety, it will be targeted for removal,” the spokeswoman said.  

In the meantime it can only be hoped a good Samaritan will shoot the dangerous reptile and if there are no guns available tell Cairns News and we will put out a call for our Cairns readers to assist.

These crocs in the video were filmed a few kilometres from the washed out bridge so we hope in earnest local Labor member Curtis Pitt can put down his stubby long enough to jump in with these crocs to ascertain if they are dangerous. He could also call on his Labor colleagues in Cairns, Craig Crawford and Michael Healy to have a swim with him. It is, after all, summer weather, probably caused by climate change.

Not Coming. We have just heard Crawford and Healy are too busy trying to stop the notorious Kuranda Range Road from disappearing into the valley below after recent cable trenching for their spy cameras situated along the bitumen roadway caused massive washouts during the January rain depression

Author: There as just as many dangerous crocodiles in Townsville waterways.

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