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Eight Labor senators and eight Liberals paired, did not vote, Digital ID passes on party lines –


David Pocock is not Jacqui’s new boyfriend because he married his “best mate” in 2018

By Jim O’Toole, Townsville Bureau

The controversial and now hated Digital ID bill was rammed through the senate on March 28 by Labor and Greens voting 33 to 27. Five independents plus two other senators could have stopped it. The bill will be railroaded through the Lower House when parliament resumes on April 30. Labor has the numbers.

Greens leader Adam Bandit is
largely supported by deranged students
whose brains have been addled by
Pfizer jabs and Labor’s UN education

Eight Liberal senators, seven Labor and independent Lidia Thorpe did not vote so we can only assume they were paired and did not need to.

Independents Jacqui Lambie, Tammy Tyrell, Lidia Thorpe, David Van and David Pocock could have voted against this terrible travesty that will change the face of Australia forever making it an official Marxist police state. Instead Thorpe jumped in with Labor pairing to support the bill. The other ‘faulty four’ independents supported more mayhem that is to come.

Poor Jacqui has never been the same since she took Pfizer’s toxic jab which medical specialists claim has terrible effects on the frontal lobe.

The Greens have shown their hand yet again by representing the WEF and UN globalism. The Freedom Movement must tackle the Green menace on a daily basis. Letters to the editor, picket their offices, chaining oneself to their doors, check their signs, harass their debauched supporters at polling booths and on the streets, phone and email their electorate offices. The Gaia worshippers will rant and roar but opponents will simply be turning Greens modus operandi back onto them. Their jaundiced, woke policies are so off the scale that only deranged voters could support them.

A typical Greens voter


Ask Greens and independent senators who voted for this consequential bill what bribes they got from Labor and let them know the substantial Freedom Movement media will campaign against them between now and the next election. Give them an earful at Canberra on 0262777111.

Liberal National senators paired with Labor

Simon Birmingham

Sarah Henderson

Hollie Hughes

Maria Kovacic

Bridget McKenzie

James Paterson

Linda Reynolds

Dev Sharma

Labor/Ind pairs

Don Farrell

Katie Gallagher

Jen McAllister

Barbara McCarthy

Deb O’Neill

Lidia Thorpe Ind

Murray Watt

Penny Wong

There is a vacant senate position in Victoria which makes up the total of 76 senators.

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