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Economic Growth Is Happening Mainly in Red States.


It might be the easiest answer on Jeopardy: Where is most economic growth in the United States happening?

If you took “Red States” you win a cookie. The United States is experiencing rapid growth and job creation, with most of the growth occurring in red states.

ABC News doesn’t quite seem to connect all the dots. In fact, it misses the picture entirely, in favor of giving Joe Biden most of the credit for the economic surge.

“Dating back to when the president took office, he has enacted a set of historic legislative accomplishments that have very directly driven the historic labor market recovery and historic economic growth we’ve had,” said Daniel Hornung, deputy director at the National Economic Council, a Biden administration group.

If you gave my dead grandmother $5.5 trillion and pumped it into the economy after an unnecessary shutdown due to a pandemic, she could grow the economy equally as well as Biden.

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