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Developing: New York AG Letitia James Could Start Seizing President’s Property on Monday Over a Non-Crime with No Victims (VIDEO) | The Gateway Pundit


Kerri Kupec: It just shocks the conscience. And I don’t think you have to be a lawyer or a business person to step back and say, “Oh, wait a second.” The law in New York has NEVER in its history been used against someone in this way. There are no victims. He paid back the loans. And yet for blatant political partisan reasons this man is about to be crushed financially. You don’t have to like Trump to look at it and say this isn’t fair. And I’m concerned just as an American that if that happens to him could that happen to me?

Neil Cavuto: Help me with the legal side of this, Kerry. I mean, if he wins on appeal and can have this thrown out and he’s going to want to get his money back that he put up, it was based on the sale potentially of distressed properties at distress prices. So just to get that back, it might be coming back to him at a lot less than the money he put in there. Is that real risk? I’m just wondering to what end.

Kerri Kupec: It’s a real risk. And his lawyers, I think, are making a very reasonable point when they say if he has to sell these buildings and he wins on appeal, then how does he get those buildings back? I don’t think that he can.

Neil Cavuto: And why so high, Carrie? Why so high? In other words, sometimes they have these type of restrictions. If you’re a flight risk or going, I know it’s apples and oranges, but he’s certainly not that. He’s running for the highest office in the land. So I just wonder why the 100% of the amount that you’re being slapped at paying a bond up front?

Kerri Kupec: Because the attorney general in New York wants to crush him. And I don’t think that’s rhetoric. I don’t think that’s right wing red meat. I think it’s reality when we look at the facts here, because to your point, Neil, it’s not like the guy is going to flee the country. Everyone knows who Donald Trump is. He’s running for president. So there’s no risk of him jumping ship and taking his money with him. Everyone knows where to find him. And so I think the court could work out a deal with him to put up some of the money or maybe take his real estate for the bond and things would be fair. And the fact that she is so determined, though, to get this from him is just a real abuse of power…

… I’m a native New Yorker, and I’m thinking, if I’m in business and I’m a real estate developer, why in the world would I want to do business in New York at this point if the Attorney General in New York state is willing to abuse the law like this? You know, I was talking to someone over the weekend, not in D.C., not in politics, a woman who owns an elder care agency. She told me she liked Trump. And I said to, you know, okay. And I said, what do you think about the cases against him? Just because this is what I’m interested in. And she said immediately, she said, oh, they’re not doing it to him. They’re doing it to us. And it got me thinking. I think there are a lot of people out there who are thinking, look, if the former leader of the free world, a rich and powerful man, can be potentially crushed in this way, what hope do I have? And I think that is a real concern for american ins, whether they’re a republican or a Democrat, and they’re being intellectually honest, and they’re looking at the situation unfolding in front of them.

Neil Cavuto: Yeah, and for the city itself, many who want to say ‘Go after Donald Trump, Go after Donald Trump!’ You might rue the day you did because as this real estate goes the value of a lot of properties in and around the area. It has enormous repercussions the likes of which I don’t think the state Attorney General calculated.

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