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Democrats Flip Former George Santos Seat In New York Special Election


by Chris Black

This was the most stereotypical GOP race ever.

1. Elect a Jewish homosexual conman in New York’s 3rd Congressional District. They are proud of him before his scandals come to light.

2. Get embarrassed by relentless trolling from the mainstream media.

3. Expel George Santos from Congress.

4. The GOP establishment handpicks an Ethiopian-born Israeli-American with no political experience or name recognition to run for the vacant seat in a special election simply because she checks all the right diversity boxes. She runs on being pro-Israel and serving as a paratrooper in the IDF. Democrats run a veteran Italian pol who ran for governor in a lean Democratic district.

5. She loses in a landslide.

6. GOP squanders their most vulnerable seat with a razor thin House majority thereby making it even harder to accomplish anything.

All you can do is laugh.

They run these type of joke candidates over and over again.


“NEW YORK — Embrace calls for stronger border security. Acknowledge the advanced age of President Joe Biden. Pledge to support law enforcement and Israel.

Democrat Tom Suozzi hit on all these points during his campaign for a bellwether House district on Long Island — successfully turning his party’s chief vulnerabilities into assets.

And the strategy worked.

Suozzi’s 8-point victory Tuesday against Republican candidate Mazi Pilip came as Democrats nationwide are grappling with the GOP’s leveraging of the southern border crisis to its advantage, Biden’s low approval ratings and concerns about his age. …”

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