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Dem Senator Chris Coons Says American Troops Will be on the Front Lines in Russia Without More Aid for Ukraine | The Gateway Pundit


Democrat Senator Chris Coons of Delaware recently said that unless we send more aid to Ukraine, American troops will end up on the front lines in Russia.

This sounds like a threat. It’s a blatant example of fear-mongering that Democrats and even some Republicans have resorted to in the case of funding for Ukraine.

When did liberals become so pro-war and prone to the politics of fear?

CNBC reports:

U.S. troops will be on the front lines against Russia without further Ukraine aid, Senator Coons says

The U.S. faces the prospect of direct combat with Russia if it fails to provide continued financial and military support for forces on the ground in Ukraine, U.S. Democratic Sen. Chris Coons said Friday.

Calling for bipartisan support from the U.S. House of Representatives for a new $95 billion aid package that includes funds for Ukraine, Coons said that investment in Europe was the U.S.′ best defense against Moscow.

“In the next front against Russia, it will be Americans on the front lines,” Coons told CNBC’s Silvia Amaro at the Munich Security Conference.

“We are best off investing in the Ukrainians who are fighting bravely for their own freedom than allowing [Russian President Vladimir] Putin the opportunity to spread further chaos and violence across Europe.”

The U.S. Senate on Tuesday approved the new funding package, but it faces tough opposition from House lawmakers. Both houses of Congress need to approve the legislation before U.S. President Joe Biden can sign it into law.

Coons said he was “optimistic” the bill would be approved, albeit with “some back and forth.” Without doing so, Coons said Putin was likely to target a NATO ally next.

Here are some Twitter/X reactions.

Do Democrats really want to run with this message? Give us funding or we’ll send your kids to war?

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