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Conservative Republican Mayra Flores Raising Big Money to Win Back Texas Congressional Seat | The Gateway Pundit


Mayra Flores, the conservative Republican Latina from Texas, made history two years ago by flipping a seat in Texas that had not gone to a Republican in 100 years.

Democrats scrambled to win the seat back in a special election months later. They spent massive amounts of money and pulled out all of the stops to win the election, edging Flores out.

Now Flores is fighting hard to win the seat back for the GOP and she is raising big dollar amounts to do it.

FOX News reports:

Hispanic community leader raises big bucks in quest to flip Dem-controlled border congressional seat

A conservative Hispanic community leader aiming to flip a Democrat-held congressional district that sits on the U.S. border with Mexico announced Monday she had raised a massive amount of money to boost her bid.

According to her campaign, former Republican Rep. Mayra Flores, who briefly represented Texas’ 34th Congressional District from 2022-2023, raised over $970,000 from 16,617 unique donors in all 50 states during the 4th quarter of 2023.

“I am overwhelmed and incredibly grateful for the continued outpouring of support for our campaign. Voters across the Rio Grande Valley and the country know that our southern border is a disaster, illegal immigration is out of control, and Democrats like Joe Biden and Vicente Gonzalez are solely to blame,” Flores told Fox News Digital.

“We are working every day to share our message of securing the border, lowering costs for families, improving education and healthcare, and restoring the greatness of our country — and that’s exactly what I’m going to do on day one when we retake this seat and put the people of TX-34 back in charge,” she added.

The GOP should be helping this woman as much as they can, she is great.

America needs more Republicans like Flores in office.

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