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Commercial Fishermen Find Possible Spy Balloon Off Coast of Alaska | The Gateway Pundit


Chinese spy balloon spotted over US airspace in 2023

Commercial fishermen found what is believed to be a spy balloon off the coast of Alaska.

The fishermen were instructed to bring the debris ashore and meet with FBI agents waiting at the port.

CNN reported:

Commercial fishermen off the coast of Alaska have found what officials are concerned could be another spy balloon and are bringing it to shore with them, three sources familiar with the matter told CNN.

FBI agents will meet the fishing vessel when it comes into port, which is expected to be sometime over the weekend. The bureau will then transport the unknown object to the FBI lab in Quantico, Virginia, to be analyzed, as has been done with previous surveillance balloons.

The fishmen shared photographs of the object with law enforcement upon encountering it, the sources said. All three sources emphasized that it wasn’t clear exactly what the object was and that it may not be a balloon at all — but that the FBI determined that it was similar enough in appearance to a foreign-government owned surveillance balloon that it warranted further investigation.

The FBI said in a statement Friday night it is “aware of debris found off the coast of Alaska by a commercial fishing vessel. We will work with our partners to assist with the logistics of the debris recovery.”

Last January the Biden administration knew about the Chinese spy balloon traversing across the continental United States, from Alaska to the Carolinas, but sought to conceal this from the American public.

A newspaper photographer first spotted the balloon over Montana.

The Chinese spy balloon first entered US airspace over Alaska in late January 2023.

The balloon soared over nuclear silos and military installations across the US with Joe Biden’s full approval.

The balloon was eventually shot down over the Atlantic just off the coast of the Carolinas.

According to the Pentagon, the spy balloon carried explosives to self-detonate, was 200 feet tall, and weighed thousands of pounds.

It was recently reported General Milley also knew the spy balloon was collecting data as it flew over the continental US but kept this from the American public.

According to CNN, the Chinese spy balloon used US internet to communicate as is soared over the United States and gathered information.

Last month the US Military tracked a high-altitude balloon over Colorado. The Pentagon sent jets to investigate. It turned out to be a hobbyist balloon.

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