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CNN analyst: Trump’s primary wins show lack of GOP fear of Biden


“And so, it’s a worrying sign,” Jones continued. “You’re correct, there are some worrying signs for Trump, but there’s pretty worrying signs for Democrats — that they’re not afraid … they’re not afraid.”

Jones shifted his focus to mention that Trump’s ongoing reluctance to engage in debates, especially now with the primary field reduced to just himself and former Governor Nikki Haley of South Carolina, was a tactical error that could make him seem weaker.

“I do think he looks weak. Basically, there’s a woman that says ‘I want to getcha. I want to debate with you.’ And he looks weak running from one person,” Jones said, noting that it was understandable he skipped earlier debates, but not to avoid a one-on-one situation. “Say, look, ‘I don’t want to be involved in the big circus with a bunch of nobodies,’ but I don’t know that that doesn’t wind up giving her a little bit more to say.”

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