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Climate Change Activists Who Dumped Red Powder on U.S. Constitution in Rotunda of National Archives Charged With Felony | The Gateway Pundit


Two weeks ago, a pair of left wing radicals protesting climate change dumped red powder on the U.S. Constitution display at the National Archives.

This infantile behavior has become all too common, although it usually involves throwing soup at famous works of art.

The people who do this almost never face any real consequences, until now. The two winners with the red powder were actually charged with a felony.

FOX News reports:

Climate activists hit with felony charges for defacing US Constitution’s display case

Two left-wing climate activists have been hit with felony charges after defacing the U.S. Constitution’s display case.

The Department of Justice on Friday announced that Donald Zepeda of Maryland and Jackson Green of Utah have been charged with felony destruction of government property following a climate change stunt that involved dumping red powder on the encasement protecting the U.S. Constitution in the National Archives Rotunda.

“The National Archives Rotunda is the sanctuary for our nation’s founding documents,” Dr. Colleen Shogan, Archivist of the United States, said in a statement following the incident. “They are here for all Americans to view and understand the principles of our nation. We take such vandalism very seriously and we will insist that the perpetrators be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.”

The duo’s vandalism, which occurred on Feb. 14, immediately led to the evacuation of the rotunda. A video shot by a supporter shows the pair smothered in the red powder, which also appeared strewn across the Constitution’s protective display case.

Zepeda and Green appeared to be linked to the left-wing climate activist group Declare Emergency, which demands that President Biden “declare a formal state of climate emergency and begin [to] make full use of his executive authority to save this country from collapse.”

It’s about time some of these people got charged with something.

These idiotic protests will continue until there are real consequences for it.

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