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Chinese spy at Winnipeg biolab offered advice on how to commit immigration fraud


One of the Chinese spies fired at the high-security Winnipeg biolab was giving advise on how to commit immigration fraud using her Public Health Agency of Canada email address.

Then, the fired spy, Dr. Xiangguo Qiu, lied about it. Even with email evidence before her.

The information comes from pages 100-101 of a CSIS report into the espionage at what is supposed to be most secure biolab in the country, wherein two Chinese nationals working for the lab were smuggling deadly pathogens and information to Chinese military operatives.

The duo were frog-marched out of the building in 2019 and fired in 2021.

But Qui wasn’t the only liar in the spy affair.

The federal government engaged in a systematic cover-up to avoid the scandal coming to light before the 2021 election.

In 2021, the former president of the Public Health Agency of Canada, Ian Stewart, was censured on the floor of the House of Commons after defying four separate orders to turn over documents detailing the security breach.

He was the first federal manager summoned for censure since 1891. Stewart retired recently to a hero’s sendoff.

CSIS detailed the fraud and dishonesty in the security agency’s report:

The Service also notes that in her security interview, Ms. QIU stated that she has never counselled someone to commit “immigration fraud”.

An e-mail chain was previously provided by PHAC, however, wherein Ms. QIU was observed advising a foreign research student to circumvent Canadian immigration laws in order to obtain a visa in a more timely fashion.

While it is possible that Ms. QIU may not have thought of her advice as fraud, it is clear from this exchange that she was aware of the rules and, despite the student’s uncertainties, advised the student to disregard them.

Ms. QIU chose not to expand on her answer despite being given the opportunity by the Service interviewer. This lack of respect for immigration rules, and her lack of candour about it during the interview, may indicate that Ms. QIU was not fully truthful throughout her security screening interview on other topics.

Who did she counsel to commit immigration fraud? Another spy?

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