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China deliberately allowing export of deadly devices that turn handguns into machine pistols as it seeks to destabilize US with street warfare, says explosive new book


China is deliberately allowing the export of deadly devices that turn handguns into machine pistols as it seeks to destabilize the US with street warfare

China ‘foments division by putting weapon-enhancing’ devices on the streets

That is the conclusion of Peter Schweizer’s new book ‘Blood Money’

Law enforcement agencies are reporting a surge in ‘auto sear’ or ‘Glock switches’

The Biden administration is turning a blind eye to the import of Chinese-made devices that turn handguns into machine pistols, according to a new book, as Beijing deliberately tries to sow chaos on American streets.

Police are already warning of a surge in ‘auto sear switches’ or ‘Glock switches,’ modifications that transform handguns into fully automatic weapons.

Bestselling author Peter Schweizer argues that Chinese authorities are complicit in the supply of the cheap, illegal devices to American criminals, following a playbook developed with the deadly drug fentanyl.

And he says lawmakers in the U.S. are more interested in targeting gun owners at home than tackling the illegal trade from overseas.

‘As with the fentanyl trade, when it comes to the illegal weapons and parts trade, the Chinese government appears complicit,’ he writes in ‘Blood Money: Why the Powerful Turn a Blind Eye While China Kills Americans,’ which is published Tuesday.

Chinese authorities appear to have made little effort to stop online sales. They also seem unmotivated to stop the deceptive production and distribution practices that are used to evade US authorities.’

Use of the devices is on the rise almost 100 years after Congress passed a law designed to keep automatic weapons out of the hands of criminals.

They are small, only about the size of a quarter piece, and can be easily fitted to Glock handguns. (Similar devices are available for other makes, but are less common.)

They allow pistols to fire continuous on a single pull of the trigger.

They cost about $50, and are easily available. They can be bought on websites and imported or increasingly manufactured domestically on a 3D-printer.

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