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Chicago Teachers’ Union Seeks $50 Billion Despite $700 Million City Deficit


via Mike Shedlock

If you live in Illinois, get the hell out before unions take every penny you have.

Illegal Vote Pandering

In Chicago, The Chicago Teachers’ Union is Pushing Students to Vote for Mayor Johnson’s Tax Hike.

The Chicago Teachers Union (CTU) has announced a “Student Power Forum” taking place on Friday, March 15, which seemingly violates provisions of the Chicago Public Schools Code of Ethics.

In an email announcing the event, CTU Vice President Jackson Potter noted the union is “partnering” with Bring Chicago Home, culminating in a “Parade to the Polls, where students will march to an early voting site.”

Bring Chicago Home is the leading political advocacy organization campaigning in favor of Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson’s $100 million real estate transfer tax increase referendum, which appears on the March 19 ballot. The union has contributed at least $200,000 to Bring Chicago Home.

In his email, Potter writes, “to get involved, the only thing your school needs to do is provide the students!” He then asks teachers to “organize a group of voting age students…” to attend the event.

CTU Seeks $50 Billion

Please consider Cost? ‘Stop asking that question,’ says Chicago Teachers Union president Stacy Davis

“It’s gonna get a little hot in this city in the next few months” over contract negotiations with teachers. That’s from Chicago Teachers Union President Stacy Davis Gates’ address to the City Club of Chicago yesterday.

On that nasty subject of (dare I say this?) money, Gates was stridently indifferent. “They’re gonna say, ‘these are great proposals and can’t nobody pay for it and CTU with all of this, that and the other and who’s gonna pay for it, Stacy?’”

“Stop asking that question,” she said. “Ask another question.”

This is in a city, mind you, that already spends an astonishing $29,000 per student, including all sources and money for the capital budget. And Chicago Public Schools already faces a $391 million deficit for next and nearly $700 million for the following year when “Covid relief” money will have run out.

The only way to stop this behavior is to eliminate the unions, totally.

Unless Chicago can rein in the unions they will suck the city dry.

Unfortunately, a corrupt Chicago mayor is in bed with the corrupt CTU. And the state is the most gerrymandered state in the nation. Springfield is in on the act.

There is really only one thing sensible you can do about it. Leave

To reiterate, there is no hope for Illinois. If you live in the state, get the hell out.

Public Unions Have No Business Existing: Even FDR Admitted That

To understand why public unions should never exist, please see Public Unions Have No Business Existing: Even FDR Admitted That



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