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Canada opens its doors to Gaza refugees despite their 72% support for Hamas


As of January 9, Canada has begun receiving applications from Gazan refugees seeking asylum in the country. Despite Immigration Minister Marc Miller’s initial announcement of a hard cap at 1000 refugees, this limit will no longer be enforced. Canada is now facing pressure from Gazan families residing in the country and a group of advocates, potentially leading to a reconsideration of the previously set cap.

The decision comes at a time of heightened tension and polarization within Canada, where antisemitic hate crimes have become increasingly prevalent, and an atmosphere of terror looms. Canada, in an unexpected move, is now opening its doors to Gazans who openly support a terrorist group recognized by multiple nations, with no specified hard caps in place.

While citizens within Canada grapple with challenges of daily living, battling winter conditions, high inflation, and a housing crisis, the country is choosing to prioritize individuals from other nations for at least the next three years.

In Montreal, opinions diverge on the question of admitting more refugees. One resident remarked on the current situation in Canada, stating, “There’s just not enough housing now for the people that are here, not enough medical for the people that are here now. Everything’s overcrowded right now. They need time to catch up before they bring in more refugees.”

A recent poll published in the Irish Times reveals growing support for the Hamas terrorist organization among Palestinians following the attack on October 7 which resulted in over 1200 Israelis killed and more than 240 hostages taken by Hamas. The survey, conducted by the Ramallah-based Palestinian Centre for Policy and Survey Research, indicates that currently, 72% of Palestinians support the terrorist group Hamas.

In response to the influx of Gazan immigrants openly endorsing a terrorist group, a resident from Boston, whose relatives are still in Canada, expressed concern, saying, “I think there needs to be a thorough vetting of Canadian security, ensuring immigration examines each individual thoroughly with a reasonable security vetting before they are allowed to enter Canada.”

Others, however, sympathize with Gazan refugees, with one person acknowledging, “I know and I can understand the concept that some people can have. It’s like, never Palestinians, in the last decades, attacked outside their borders to anyone.” Another added, “I don’t know. I think we must have mechanisms in place to deal with terrorism. So I’m not worried about that now.”

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