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Cairns News poll for a national strike –


There are 8750 signatures on Commo John’s petition, let’s double that.

There is an urgent need to close down government and bureaucracy to stop the suicidal rush into reckless renewables and other fascist policies being enacted by a minority 32 per cent, United Nations controlled Labor/Greens government and a controlled Opposition and judiciary which is fast destroying our economy and way of life.  Former union heavyweight ‘Commo’ John Wilson is promoting the only solution which is to implement a national strike.  He has asked the Governor General to dissolve the current parliament and enable fresh elections:

Simply ‘DO NOT COMPLY’.  Then follow on with a rebuilding process. These two videos featuring Commo John explain the dangerous crossroads where Australia is at.

Please sign the petition:

Commo John explains on video quite eloquently the terrible state of affairs: – – (language warning)

Editor: Cairns News had to source this information from the net and elsewhere. Nothing came from Bosi or Commo John.

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