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BREAKING: Trudeau cabinet ministers pose for photo with Palestinian terrorist boss


Look at this shocking photo.

Those are two Trudeau cabinet ministers, Melanie Joly and Ya’ara Saks, meeting with a senior terrorist leader and dictator named Mahmoud Abbas.

This is outrageous.

Abbas is a dictator. He rules the Palestinians in the West Bank with an iron fist. He won an “election” in 2005 and then he simply didn’t allow any more elections. He’s a dictator who jails or kills his rivals.

A lot of leaders in the Middle East are like that. But he’s much worse. He’s wearing a suit in the photo, but he’s been a terrorist for more than 50 years. He was a senior leader of the terrorist group that attacked the 1972 Munich Olympics and kidnapped, tortured and murdered 11 Israeli athletes and coaches. Abbas was the financier of that operation. He has never disavowed it, let alone apologize for it. He’s proud of it.

Abbas actually has a PhD in Holocaust denial. His doctoral dissertation was on why to hate the Jews.

This is the odious man that two senior Trudeau cabinet ministers are literally embracing.

Mahmoud Abbas is a dictator, a murderer, a terrorist, and an antisemite. He has a policy that if any terrorist dies while attacking Israel or Jews, he pays cash to their family as thanks.

He pays people to kill Jews. He’s a butcher. And Melanie Joly and Ya’ara Saks met with him, physically embraced him and posed for a souvenir photo with him.

It’s an international embarrassment that Melanie Joly did this. I suppose she’s the foreign minister, and her job is to meet with world leaders, even if they are tyrants. That doesn’t explain her smile and physical embrace of him and her selfie. And Joly wouldn’t meet with Vladimir Putin, for example. But at least meeting dictators is in her job description.

What’s Ya’ara Saks excuse? What was she even doing there?

She’s a junior health minister, in charge of Mental Health and Addictions. Why was she meeting with an antisemitic terrorist? Why was she in the photo? Why was she holding his hand?

And why didn’t Saks put the photo on her own Twitter feed?

It’s obvious: Trudeau needed Saks for cover.

If Trudeau had sent Joly to meet with this terrorist on her own, it would have just been more proof of how antisemitic the Liberals have become. But by having Saks in the photo, it’s like she gave the meeting her blessing. She made it “kosher”.

What a disgrace.

She put her loyalty to Trudeau above her loyalty to human rights, Canadian values and her own constituents, which includes a large Jewish community. And of course, she betrayed herself and everything she claims to hold dear. Abbas kills Jews — either directly, like at the Munich Olympics, or indirectly, by paying cash to the families of terrorists. It is a grave moral failure for her to do this.

No wonder she didn’t publish the photo on her own Twitter feed — for some reason she thought that maybe she could keep it secret.

No chance.

What she did was unacceptable, unforgivable, intolerable and un-Canadian. She forfeited her right to claim to be an “honourable member”. She must resign — or be fired.

I just happen to live in Ya’ara Saks’s district. It’s full of Jewish schools and synagogues, Jewish bakeries and Jewish shops. All of them are loyal, proud Canadians who expect to live in peace and safety. Instead, they’ve been hounded week after week by Hamas hate marches, which have blocked the entrance to the Jewish neighbourhood of Armour Heights.

Trudeau has done nothing and has said nothing, because he counts on those Hamas votes. And Saks has done nothing and said nothing, because she puts her loyalty to Trudeau above her loyalty to her constituents or even her own conscience.

Well, enough is enough.

I’ve rented a giant Jumbotron truck with LED video screens. I’m going to have it drive around York Centre showing her neighbours who Ya’ara Saks really is. The truck will have a giant photo of Saks and the terrorist shaking hands, and the facts about their sordid meeting.

I want every voter in York Centre to know that when it comes to Jew-hatred, and terrorism and Holocaust denial, Ya’ara Saks doesn’t stand with Canadians — she’s too busy standing next to an arch-terrorist.

We’ll drive that billboard truck all over the district, including parking it right outside her office.

If you agree that Saks is a disgrace, please sign our petition, and if you like our idea of driving the billboard truck around York Centre, please chip in to help us cover the $2,000 that billboard truck will cost us. (Thank you!)

Please sign our petition that this gross moral error means she has to go. And if you like the idea of revving up the billboard truck and driving it around and around her neighbourhood — because lord knows, she is afraid to show her face in real life — please chip in to help us. The billboard truck costs about $2,000 a day to rent. (Thanks!)

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