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BRAZIL AWAKENS: Hundreds of Thousands Congregate in São Paulo’s Streets To Join Bolsonaro in Largest Protest Since Elections (VIDEOS) | The Gateway Pundit


While Brazilian socialist President Lula da Silva is under significant pressure after calling Israelis genocidal Nazis, he is still the MSM’s darling, while the hugely popular former President Jair Bolsonaro is given a sub-standard treatment.

It is indeed significant that the half-baked Reuters report does not feature a single picture of the MASSIVE rally, but rather is illustrated by a picture of Bolsonaro leaving Federal Police headquarters after they took his passport.

“Supporters of Jair Bolsonaro gathered on Sunday on Sao Paulo’s iconic Paulista Avenue to show support for the former far-right Brazilian president as he finds himself embroiled in several investigations that many believe could land him in jail.”

Look how they quickly skip from the rally to his legal troubles.

Absolute ‘Beatlemania’ around Bolsonaro.

What do not want you to see is this:

Targeted by non-stop harassment by Lula’s lackluster government, Bolsonaro called his followers to rally.

He said it’s a ‘peaceful gathering in favor of the rule of law and our freedom, families and future’.

And Brazilians responded en masse.

TGP readers are informed how Lula’s goons invented a J8 here and similarly called it a ‘coup attempt’, even though the protesters in the capital Brasilia were unarmed.

Bolsonaro has recently targeted by a police raid earlier this month as part of a probe into said imaginary ‘coup attempt’.

“He had his passport confiscated and was accused of editing a draft decree to overturn election results, pressuring military chiefs to join a coup attempt and plotting to jail a Supreme Court justice after his electoral loss to leftist President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva in 2022.”

The boys at Reuters have to pretend the highly contested election by recently-freed-from-jail Lula was clean as a whistle.

But Brazilians on the street show otherwise.

“‘He is not dead, he is competitive and there can be no injustice’, said Congressman Marco Feliciano, a member of Bolsonaro’s Liberal Party, adding Brazil would ‘turn into chaos’ if the former president were to be arrested.”

Sao Paulo Governor Tarcisio de Freitas, seen as a potential successor in Brazil’s right-wing politics, confirmed he would attend.

Watch: Bolsonaro and São Paulo Governor Tarcisio leave for the rally.

“He wants to try to show his strength to the Supreme Court and remain politically viable, even if he gets arrested,” a source close to Bolsonaro said, comparing him to Lula, who spent 580 days in prison in 2018-2019 on corruption charges before having his sentence annulled.”

Watch: Bolsonaro arrives at the rally – pure Beatlemania.

This is a developing story. Check back to see thevelopments.

Read more:

BREAKING: Former Brazilian President Bolsonaro’s Home Raided and Passport Seized










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