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Biden Takes a Shot at Trump as He Chomps on an Ice Cream Cone (VIDEO) | The Gateway Pundit


Joe Biden traveled to New York on Monday to participate in a campaign event.

World War 3 is looming and Biden is at a Van Leeuwen ice cream shop in New York having a laugh with late-night comedian Seth Meyers.

NATO and EU states are ‘considering sending troops to Ukraine’ and French President Macron said ‘nothing should be excluded’ as he announced a missile coalition.

Meanwhile, Biden is chomping on an ice cream cone.

“My national security adviser tells me that we’re close, we’re close, it’s not done yet. And my hope is that by next Monday,” Biden told reporters as he ate his mint chip ice cream cone.

Biden took a shot at Trump when asked about his visit to the southern border.

Both Biden and Trump are visiting the southern border on Thursday. This is Biden’s second visit (photo op) to the border in his entire life. He’s only visiting the border because his poll numbers tanked.

“I’ve been planning to go Thursday. What I didn’t know is my good friend apparently is going,” Biden said of Trump.


Biden refused to tell reporters what he would be doing during his visit to the border.

“Secret Service doesn’t like it when I announce what exactly I’m doing,” Biden said.


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