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Biden Secretly Considering Granting Amnesty and Giving Green Cards to Millions of Illegals | The Gateway Pundit


Joe Biden is considering granting amnesty to millions of illegal aliens who have lived in the US for over 10 years or have citizen relatives who would “suffer” if they were deported.

According to Politico, similar to Obama’s DACA program, Biden is deciding whether to give the massive group of illegals green cards.

The Democrats are losing the black and Latino voters so they are fiercely working to lock in a new voting bloc.

“Like the Obama administration did in 2012 with the launch of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, Biden administration officials are also examining whether there’s an action they could take for a different group of undocumented people who have long resided in the United States, according to the three people familiar with the administration’s planning. One idea that has been floated among administration officials is opening access to the cancellation of removal program for people who have lived in the U.S. for over 10 years and have citizen or resident relatives who would “suffer” if they were deported. If specific requirements are met and an immigration judge approves cancellation of removal, a migrant is able to obtain a green card.” – Politico reported.

The Biden Regime is also looking to fund the influx of illegals who have invaded the US over the last 3 years.

“Administration officials are also discussing ways they can further support state and local officials managing the influx of new arrivals, as Republican governors are expected to continue busing migrants to Democratic-led cities this year.” Politico reported.

Approximately 11 million illegal aliens – mainly military-age males – have invaded the US under Joe Biden’s watch.

Hundreds of thousands of illegal migrants from all over the world are traveling through the Darien Gap en route to the United States every month.

Illegals from Africa, the Middle East, Asia, and South and Central America are making the trek to the United States.

Shocking videos of illegals overrunning National Guard members or traversing down steep mountains to cross into the US have been posted online.

Last month a huge line of illegals as far as the eye could see came down a steep mountain and crossed into California.

Last week hundreds of illegals overran Texas National Guard members in El Paso.


Illegal aliens are receiving thousands of dollars a month in benefits – they are being treated better than our veterans!

NYC just began handing out pre-paid debit cards to illegals. The cards will be loaded with $1,400 per month and it will cost city taxpayers $53 million!

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