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Biden administration considers granting legal status to hundreds of thousands of illegals


The Biden administration is reportedly considering a policy that would grant legal status and a pathway to citizenship for hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants who have entered the country.

According to CBS News, the plan under consideration would utilize the immigration parole authority to provide work permits and deportation protections to certain illegal immigrants who have spouses who are American citizens.

If implemented, the policy could also make beneficiaries eligible for permanent U.S. residency and eventual citizenship by helping them overcome hurdles in U.S. immigration law. Multiple sources have indicated that the plan, which would reward those who have violated federal immigration laws, has not yet been finalized, the Daily Wire reports.

White House spokesperson Angelo Hernandez Fernandez stated that the administration is exploring various policy options and remains committed to addressing the country’s broken immigration system. The report comes as President Biden faces low approval ratings, partly due to his controversial border policies.

Last week, Biden signed an executive order that was widely criticized as “weak” by policy experts and critics. Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas declined to confirm whether the policy has had any impact during a recent interview. Numerous videos on social media suggest that the executive order is doing little to address the ongoing border crisis, with some estimates indicating that over 10 million illegal immigrants have entered the U.S. under the Biden administration.

In a separate development, the Biden administration secretly instructed U.S. Border Patrol agents to release illegal immigrants from all but six Eastern Hemisphere countries into the U.S. rather than deport them, contradicting statements made by senior administration officials to reporters just days after Biden issued his executive order.

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