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Beat the phone trackers –


Letter to the Editor

To beat the trackers firstly, know where 5G cell towers are hiding. This Govt website will allow you to search for towers in your area. (note that every smart street lamp has a built in 5G antenna).

Though it has a recaptcha robo-checker, so make sure you clear you recent browsing history and cache before ticking the box, otherwise you’re giving them all that data.

Secondly, know your environment. It is worth investing in good EMF meters. The best amateur meters based on my research are from Safe and Sound. They have a low and mid band meter which covers 200 MHz to 8 GHz (no afiliation) –

Safe and Sound also sell the only amateur high bandwidth 5G meter i’m aware of which covers 20 GHz to 40 GHz. It is not exactly cheap, but then again neither is a new mobile phone –

Thirdly, protect yourself when you’re out and about. From my research Lambs make the best anti-EMF apparel, incl: caps, beanies, tops, bottoms, hoodies etc. Men who planning a family especially should get into this gear to protect those little guys down there –
Fourthly, protect your home. There is anti-EMF sheeting you can buy if you’re building a house which is code compliant and is installed in the walls and ceiling. I’ve also seen anti-EMF window film. But there are also many other anti-EMF solutions for the home. You can either do a search online, or employ a qualified Home Biologist who can advise you.

Fifth, if you must own a mobile phone, which most of us do. Then at least use a de-google phone like Clear phone which uses the Graphene OS. Simple tips are to keep it on airplane mode in a faraday bag when out and about. That gives you 100% protection and prevents mobile phone towers from pinging your phone. Remember Cell phone towers can ping the chip in your phone and geolocate you *regardless* of whether it is in airplane mode or not. Cell towers also ping the chip in your credit/debit card and the internal chip in the jabbed.

So if you’re carrying your wallet or purse, put your credit/debit cards in the faraday bag also. Also, you can buy harmonising chips which neutralise the EMF radiation from phones. I like this one from Akiko Audio, as I know their products work –

Lastly, if you’re concerned about the proliferation of facial recognition cameras (incl: the facial recognition cameras installed in every smart street lamp. Yes folks, that’s the disc shaped pod sticking out of bottom of every smart lamp), then check out Reflectacles glasses which are designed to fool facial recognition cameras. They make a pretty cool pairing wiht a Lambs cap or beanie & hoodie I reckon –

From David A


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