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BC Premier abruptly cancels two appearances and former cabinet minister Selina Robinson resigns after planned protests against two NDP MLAs


British Columbia’s NDP premier, David Eby, appears to be in hiding of sorts due to citizen outrage aimed at both his now former minister of post-secondary education, Selina Robinson, and Minister of Education and Childcare, Rachna Singh.

The first event to get axed was a fundraiser dinner that Premier Eby and his NDP caucus were expected to attend. The “evening gala” was to take place Sunday at Surrey’s Aria Banquet & Convention Centre, the same venue where Prime Minister Justin Trudeau abruptly cancelled a fundraiser in 2022 due to pro-freedom protesters that arrived at the venue before him.

At least two different groups planned to protest Eby’s swanky fundraiser, one with demands for the resignation and caucus removal of what was BC’s post-secondary education minister Selina Robinson up until today. The other group had demands for the resignation and caucus removal of BC’s Minister of Education and Child Care, Rachna Singh.

In a statement to Rebel News, Amrit Birring, the leader of the Freedom Party of BC who was an organizer for one of the planned protests, said their group of concerned citizens planned to protest the event due to ongoing cries of parents calling for the end of gender ideology and sexually explicit “learning resources” being promoted to school kids through the province’s Sexual Orientation Gender Identity (SOGI 123) program.

Birring and many others are part of a growing movement of parents concerned about SOGI and who feel their concerns have fallen on Minister Singh’s deaf ears. “We, the parents, will not allow SOGI 123 to be taught to our children,” added Birring.

The planned protest aimed at MLA Robinson was linked to a recent comment Robinson made during an online panel discussion published on YouTube on January 30. During the discussion, Robinson can be heard referring to the area currently referred to as Palestine, in the past tense as having been “a crappy piece of land with nothing on it.”

Although Robinson apologized twice for the comment and committed to undergoing anti-Islamophobia training, calls for her removal both online and in-person only intensified.

In a video posted by journalist Bob Mackin on X (formerly known as Twitter), anti-Israel activist Harsha Walia can reportedly be heard screaming about Robinson at members attending an NDP caucus retreat at the Guildford Sheraton earlier today. “Shame on the BC NDP, shame on you,” Walia yells while security stand in front of her. “Standing behind a minister of higher f#cking education who doesn’t even understand how colonialism operates,” she added before calling the BC NDP “shameful and racist.”

According to a breaking news update published this afternoon by Vancouver City News, Premier Eby has announced that while “Robinson will no longer serve as the minister for Post-Secondary Education, she will remain a member of the NDP caucus.”

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