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Arizona residents drive entire Maricopa County Board of Supervisors out of meeting after serving them for TREASON


via naturalnews

The entire Maricopa County, Ariz., Board of Supervisors was driven out of a recent meeting by a cohort of We the People who served them for treason.

Michelle “Miki” Klann, who spoke directly to the board, reported that every last scoundrel on the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors fled the room and “vacated their post” after citizens stormed the room and informed them about their personal liability in the 2020 election heist they oversaw.

(Fact check: A forensic audit found that Arizona’s 2020 election results are based on systemic fraud, meaning Biden did not win in that state.)

“My name is Michelle Klann, and I’m here today to put you on public notice and to inform you that you are not our elected officials,” Klann said to the board.

“None of you have ever signed an oath to the Republic of Arizona. Instead, you have signed an oath of office to a foreign corporation which means this is an act of insurrection.”

Klann would continue by informing the board members that they do not have a proper bond carrying surety for their actions with regard to We the People.

“Due to all the voter fraud, you have never been formally voted in,” Klann proclaimed. “Acting as if you have any authority over the people is a direct act of treason.”


Maricopa County board members carry $21 million personal liability EACH

Representing the “body sovereign,” Klann explained to each board member before they all fled the room that they are personally liable for $21 million each, and now have the opportunity to cure that liability.

“The fine is $1.75 million per claim and there are 12 signatures which means you are each personally liable for $21 million,” Klann explained about the liability breakdown based on each board member’s 12 signatures certifying the last election.

“If you do not resign in three days, you will be presented with a writ quo warrento, and a waiver of tort. If you do not rebut these truths and you remain in office, we will be notifying the military, and your act of treason will be grounds for an immediate military tribunal. I do not need to tell you the penalties for treason.”

Each board member was also handed a jump drive containing a 5,000-page document notifying all board members about the dangers of Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) “vaccines,” poison in the water, and other matters of importance to Arizona citizens.

“These are high crimes and acts against humanity,” Klann said. “If you cover up high crimes, you will be held guilty for committing acts against humanity.”

“Therefore, I hereby command you to send a public broadcast to every resident in Maricopa County notifying them of these dangers within the next three days or you will be in direct violation and derelict of your supposed duty, making you even more accountable for your actions. Notice to agent is notice to principal. You have been formally served on record.”

The language that Klann used throughout her speech is based on common low, which you can learn more about at

The goal with this move is to inspire Americans everywhere – in every town, city and community across the nation – to put their treasonous government officials on notice that they must either do the right thing immediately or suffer the consequences.

“Now this needs to be served on every politician in Washington,” wrote someone on X about the matter, encouraging others to be like Klann and get the job done.

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