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Makes sense now why Ted Talks included a talk suggesting “pedaphilia is a natural sexual orientation”


By Jamie McIntyre

Makes sense now why Ted Talks included a talk suggesting “pedaphilia is a natural sexual orientation”.

And by the way guess who funds Nambla who has been aggressively pushing this agenda?

A Mr. George Soros

It’s bad enough this elite bunch of wankers such as Soros, Gates, Clinton’s and co have communist agenda’s, but are now pushing pedaphilia on the rest of society?

Soros and co have been behind the Corona virus pandemic and causing chaos with funding Antifa (a domestic terrorist organization) to create violent “black lives matter” protests designed  to sow disunity in society, and influence the upcoming US elections.

What’s really going on behind the scenes the masses aren’t yet awake to?

Many warned about this but people didn’t listen.

Maybe the pedaphile’s in elite positions need the laws changed around “ pedaphilia to escape jail terms. They are pushing for the age of consent to be lowered dramatically as we speak.

See my previous post how Twitter has changed their recent policy to allow pedaphilia as well.

What about all the kids clothing lines pushing pedaphilia?

What about Disney cartoon shows depicting it?

There is an agenda at foot driven by obviously those with significant financial resources and power.

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