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Yet Another $1 Million Dollar Challenge


Yet Another $1 Million Dollar Challenge.

By Jamie McIntyre

For anyone who can die of Covid that’s not already sick and dying.

Come on tv presenters and politicians.
It’s so deadly. Take up my challenge.
Try and die of Covid.

Just saying. Easy million you’d think but we’d require an autopsy (considering not a single one has been done yet to show any evidence of death – mmm strange as if wanting to end a pandemic that’s the very first thing one would do – or just maybe the 3.7 m deaths claimed are simply flu deaths) to be done to prove Covid, and an accurate test kit for Covid to first be invented as there currently isn’t one, (so anyone claiming they’ve had Covid is full of shit as what test kit was used – I bet the PCR test kit was – which has 50% most likely 100% false positives according to the latest Global Health Organisation report).

How many under age 65 with no co morbidities have died of Covid in Australia?

I bet less than a dozen, more likely a big fat donut.

But it’s really bad in the Uk.

Is it?

How many in the Uk then?
Less than 350.

How many have died of car accidents, or falling downstairs or cancer or heart disease, or smoking cigarettes, or medical mishaps or even from boredom or vaccines or other “Safe and effective drugs”.

“If you aren’t fearful of the common cold then you should have no fear of Covid”.

Global Health Organisation report by Independent Doctors and Scientists.

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