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True blessings of Corona


By No Jab No Pay No Way – Freedom of Choice

We should reflect on the positive impact of corona.

  • People woke up to medical scandals once again but at a far greater scale.
  • Pharma this time pissed off commercial giants and political parties and faced opposition from organized sectors.
  • For the first time politicians, bureaucrats, celebrities, and mainstream doctors not only watched but also shared anti vaccine articles and videos in their groups and beyond.
  • Bill Gates and his shenanigans became the talk of the town. People also wondered how Fauci, a person directly linked to the outbreak could serve as the prime public health expert in the USA.
  • The network of laboratories engaged in modifying viruses and pathogens as bioterrorism agents got exposed. People understood that the annual viral epidemics have laboratory origins.
  • India started cracking down on secret research on viruses in laboratories aided by Wuhan Lab and CDC.
  • The Deep State became mainstream discussion. The reality that our rulers are those who own the money and the quasi agencies they have set up and that they can go to any extent to achieve their agenda hit hard.
  • Truth earlier brushed aside as conspiracy theory was taken seriously as people understood the motives behind the plandemic and witnessed how it became an excuse to usher in a surveillance state.
  • Depopulation became mainstream. The plot to exterminate 90% of the worlds population was recognized.
  • Corporate hospitals took a beating as the lockdown ensured people avoided them. As a result non essential surgeries and medical procedures were checked and people were saved from the consequences.
  • Pharma sales took a nosedive with a 40% reduction. Once again people were saved from the inevitable adverse effects.
  • Parents stopped taking their children to vaccination centers triggering panic among pediatricians who missed their targets and failed to earn the commissions and incentives.
  • The need for holistic therapies was deeply felt by the people hitherto cheated by pharma. Sales of homeopathic and ayurvedic solutions surged.
  • Agencies like the WHO, CDC, FDA were exposed to be dens of extreme corruption and deceit.
  • The media was thoroughly exposed as sold to Big Pharma and the deep state. It peddled lies at an unprecedented rate.
  • Politicians the world over parroted the script handed over by pharma and the deep state and exposed their ties.
  • During the lockdown people had an opportunity to stop their hectic lives and think. Many were enlightened as they had time to read on subjects they had earlier no interest in.

Corona has created warriors of a different kind. Those who have understood rights and liberties are under threat and they are willing to fight and retain them.

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