The Retro Entertainment Alternative If This Pandemic Is Drive-In You Mad

The Retro Entertainment Alternative If This Pandemic Is Drive-In You Mad

By AAP | 10daily

Live entertainment is back on the agenda, with drive-in concerts allowing people to enjoy shows from the comfort of their car while adhering to COVID-19 restrictions.

The drive-in concerts will feature live performances catering to audiences of up to 600 people and will broadcast via an FM radio signal into the car’s speakers.

The performances will also be live-streamed to the cars via Zoom, allowing the audience to interact with artists, while car horns and windscreen wipers will be used to create applause.

Drive-In Entertainment Australia managing director Samwise Holmes told AAP the concerts were an innovative way to support the struggling live entertainment sector.

“Even if Stage 3 restrictions are realised in July, Australians will still only be allowed to congregate with groups of up to 100 people, and that is not sustainable for most live performances,” Holmes said on Tuesday.

Drive-In Entertainment Australia plans to launch eight still-undetermined COVID-safe venues across NSW and Victoria during phase one of the restrictions.

“We’re hoping to give people something innovative and wonderful,” Holmes said.

“We think this will be important for the mental health of Australian communities but also help provide artists with an income to get back to doing what they love.”

Chloe Dallimore from entertainment union Equity said the initiative would help keep “the heartbeat of Australian entertainment alive and thriving.”

“Thousands of creative, performers, musicians and technicians have been left out of the JobKeeper allowance, and our proud industry is on its knees. Drive-in Entertainment is an innovative way of rethinking audience access to our live entertainment sector,” Dallimore said in a statement on Tuesday.

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