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Stop being a hoarder: Why you should sell your second hand jewellery


Over the last twenty years, gold has steadily climbed in price and value. On Monday, August 26th, 2019, gold reached a record high of 2,300 AUD an ounce. Take advantage of the new high prices in the precious metals market and sell your old gold jewelry for cash. Why are you letting it sit around collecting dust when it could be collecting dollars for your bank account instead?


Why do people stubbornly hang onto their old gold jewelry?

Fashion styles come and go so quickly. Along with them, gold jewelry soon loses its sheen and flirts dangerously close to tacky and out-dated territory. In general, fashion has changed so much over the years. Decades ago, gold jewelry was incredibly fashionable and trendy. Today, silver reigns supreme as a must for your accessories. A lot of people have a small fortune sitting at home in gold jewelry they’ve inherited or had simply forgotten about.

Old gold coins are another common household item that people tend to forget that they have. If you’ve got a stash of antique British Sovereigns or Swiss 20 Francs, you can get cash for them. 99% of all antique coins are only worth their gold value, even if they are hundreds of years old.


What could you do with all your old jewelry or gold coins?

For starters, you could dust them off and sell them for some quick cash by taking advantage of gold’s record high price. That jewelry isn’t doing you any good sitting in a box in the closet collecting dust. You could put that money to good use like going on a much-needed vacation, padding your savings account, paying off an unexpected bill, or letting it go toward the mortgage. While it’s a good idea to test your gold jewelry yourself to check the purity of it, most professional gold buyers will do this tedious step for you.


Where should you sell your old gold jewelry and coins?

You want to get the highest price possible for your old gold jewelry, so there are few places you should avoid. Most chain pawn shops, shopping centre kiosks, and jewelers will try to convince you to sell your jewelry to them, but they tend to offer some of the lowest prices in the industry.

You could command a higher price if you sell the jewelry direct to another consumer, but that can take a long time, and it’s not very convenient. Also, you need to understand that the jewelry market is very much style-driven. If the jewelry style is dated, you probably won’t get the price you want, or you’ll be stuck trying to find someone to buy it for a long time. Gold prices could fluctuate and go down, so you’d end up with less money anyway. The best place to sell your gold jewelry is to take it directly to a specialist gold buyer.

Why? A gold specialist only deals with precious metals, so they know the market very well. A gold specialist will offer you the highest price possible for the jewelry, and they give you instant cash.

Take advantage of the high prices in the gold market today. Sell your jewelry to a reputable company who will pay top dollar for your gold. In Australia, reputable companies who pay premium dollar for gold are Gold Buyers Sydney, Gold Buyers Melbourne, and Southern Cross Gold Buyers.

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