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Perspectives on the Pandemic #16

By Dr Mike Yeadon

Dr Mike Yeadon, formerly a Vice President and Chief Science Officer at Pfizer, believes the big experiment is well underway, and that the hypothesis it seeks to prove is as bold as it is terrible.

A cogent and clear thinker who has been attacked in proportion to his qualifications, Dr. Yeadon, at great personal risk, issues a chilling warning, not just about the grave dangers surrounding the injections, but about the looming threat of digital health “passports” that will take inexorable control over every aspect of our lives.

If we allow them.

We have been warned.

The Interviewee: Dr Michael Yeadon is a British doctor and research scientist, the former chief science officer with Pfizer, and co-Founder of Ziarco Pharma Ltd. He has authored many articles and papers on the coronavirus panic, and appeared in the fourth instalment of our Experts series.

The Interviewer: John Kirby is the director of FOUR DIED TRYING, a feature documentary and series on the major assassinations of the 1960’s and their calamitous impact on the country. To join the struggle for justice for Dr. King, Malcolm X, and John and Robert Kennedy.

Here’s what others had to say:

Four Died Trying.
You missed the Fifth!
Also died in Dec 1968 in Bangkok. Mentor and sage to Robert Kennedy and his wife Ethel; also to Dr King who cancelled his scheduled meeting with Thomas Merton on that fateful day to instead meet the assasins bullet. Died by electrocution in Bangkok and returned in a plane with dead Vietnam soldiers. One wonders, if his coffin was stashed with opium for sale in the Bronx; what is for certain is that his death ended the era of dialogue of non violence, opening the door for the ravages of war and empire.

Perhaps it is just my iPad. Has anyone else had difficulty viewing this video?

George Mc
I have a feeling the covid crap we have already seen is the merest beginning. Everything so far has been a matter of “softening up” and preparation for further remoulding. I predict that this “freedom day” will be met with a temporary cessation of covid fearmongering – because even the desperate bullshit pushers will realise that to go into an instant scream about escalating figures right after the relaxation would be a giveaway that even the toilet roll champers might get suspicious of. So I reckon there will be a lull of perhaps a week or two before the “catastrophic tsunami of surging surges of surgery” resume.

George Mc
One thing I have problems with is in trying to figure out how the “regular folks” who swallow all this “think”. Since the only place where you are likely to find dissenting views is on the net then these fine upstanding citizens must rely almost entirely on the TV and radio and print media. And the net they surf must be likewise or, and this is where my wrath really takes off, they surf the “Left” sites who have been even more vehemently insistent on covid as the end of all.
And that, I guess, is that. They don’t know about covid scepticism because they never hear about it except as that flurry of “mad stuff” at the verges. When a work colleague said, “These protesters don’t know what they are protesting”, it was an astonishing admission of absolute ignorance and an indication of how successful the MSM has been in blocking off everything that did not conform to that tiny little covid window.

Clive Williams
Target is a newborn, several years ago the psychological operation began on the masses.
Suggestive programming changing persons thought perceptions, within that mode, interaction with an other.
Reset Covid narrative reminds more of a Rewind to same period in the 20th Century.
To stay focused fail to see what Americans X got to do with this virus.

I received this today. Looks like my concert career is over…
Just as well I’m retired from teaching, or I’d probably be fired as well:
“You recently signed the petition “Do not rollout Covid-19 vaccine passports”:
On Monday 19 July, MPs questioned Nadhim Zahawi, the Minister for Covid Vaccine Deployment, on the Government’s response to Covid-19, including plans to make full vaccination a condition of entry to venues where large crowds gather, following a ministerial statement.
In his statement, the Minister said that the Government were “supporting the safe reopening of large, crowded settings such as nightclubs […] and music venues through the use of the NHS covid pass as a condition of entry to reduce the risks of transmission”, and said that he “encourage[d] businesses to draw on this support and to use the NHS covid pass in the weeks ahead.”
The Minister went on to say: “By the end of September, everyone aged 18 and over will have had the chance to receive full vaccination and the additional two weeks for that protection to take hold. At that point, we plan to make full vaccination a condition of entry to nightclubs and other venues where large crowds gather.”

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