Never Succumb To Fears of Technocratic Dystopias or Socialist Utopias

Never Succumb To Fears of Technocratic Dystopias or Socialist Utopias

“Social Engineers,” with their delusions of of total information awareness and total control, are nothing new. We humans are free to think whatever we want. We have imaginations, so naturally there will always be those who imagine they are here (not just to run their lives) but to run the world and organize everything in it to their own liking.

It’s an all-too-common error in thinking, and the consequences that these individuals  have produced once they get a hold of the reins of power have been beyond horrific.

These individuals destroy not only themselves, but those who believe them, and the unfortunate innocents who happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. A great example would be the Polish people when Hitler and Stalin invaded Poland from both sides. Poland was not the place to be when the Socialist ‘engineers’ were on the march from every angle.

So the power-hungry engineers and tyrants are not to be dismissed, of course. Their futile quests definitely create enormous destruction. It’s quite rational to want to avoid them and even fear being in their path.

But what should not be feared is the social engineers ever succeeding in creating their utopias or dystopias. This will not happen. They have been chasing their delusions for thousands of years, and will surely continue to do so for thousands more.

You can chase after 2+2=5 for as long as you want. But 2+2 will never equal 5.

Social Engineers do not understand the human nature that they wish to re-create. They see people like inanimate physical objects that they can just manipulate, or like mixing two chemicals in a test tube to get their result.

But while there may be constants in the physical sciences, there are no such constants with conscious individual human beings.

Human beings are not like stones, or electricity, or chemicals in a test tube. We are conscious. We choose what to think. We choose what to believe. We choose our own purposes and goals. We choose the means that we will use in striving to achieve our goals.


Every single second of human life is different and unique from every second that was or will be. No two seconds of human existence are ever exactly alike.

Social Engineers sentence themselves to a life of never-ending frustration. They perpetually try to stamp out human choice with their prohibitions and mandates, yet it’s no different than trying to nail JELL-O to a wall.

The JELL-O merely slides away from the nail, and moves on.

“Ban XYZ!” the Social Engineers pronounce.

Well, people will just find a workaround, a loophole, or even get XYZ on the black (i.e., free) market.

People have imagination. You cannot box in imagination, or put a fence around it.

You cannot see imagination.

You can’t touch it.

But it is.

This is a major reason why every single military empire fails, and every scheme of trying to ‘perfect’ humanity with violent force (or threat of violent force) always collapses onto itself.

Humans are not meant to be perfect.

Errors are a necessary and unavoidable part of life.

It’s not necessary to fear technocratic dystopias, or socialist utopias ever actually succeeding.

It’s always just a chase for the impossible.

Instead, it’s much better to celebrate and honor that innate and ever-present ability to choose.

Liberty can’t help but succeed.

​Liberty just is.


By Chris Rossini

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