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Farewell Kovad 19 you are not taking up anymore of my precious time I have lives to change, people to help and places to go!


Farewell Kovad 19 you are not taking up anymore of my precious time I have lives to change, people to help and places to go!

By David


That’s it I am done!! I am out!

This is a huge important post for me as for the last year I have put a lot of time and way too much energy into trying to help people see the global conspiracy and scam that has been happening for over 12 months, and I am over it.

It took a healing session last night to make me realise now matter how much I want to share my truth, no matter how much stuff I have learned over the last 12 months I cannot rescue or help anyone no matter how I feel about getting facts out there.
The last 12 months I have learned…

Governments are not pulling the strings.

Scientists and medical experts can be and have been bought.

(Many have an opinion or give their point of views depending on who is funding them)

This has never been about your health from day one.

There is a global plan bigger than most people realise.

No matter how many facts, experts, articles, information you give to some people they will still have Stockholm syndrome and not believe what they don’t want to.

There is so much information for people to get IF they want it, but many do simply not want it.

I have posted facts, truths information studies, medical experts’ studies and more (probably a book worth)

I have attended protests, joined groups, helped hundreds of people with information and more.

The reason I have done this is because my 3 things I value the most are Freedom, Truth & Health.

I live in the best country in the world IMO, and it’s run by people who only look after their back pocket, many are connected to Pharma companies, they receive secret commissions, they have vested interests and more.

A few are speaking up which is great and social media has been a great way to get our message out there however as many of us have found the social media giants are also in the pockets of the Pharmas and elite and have suppressed so much information. Just look at those fact-checkers for starters.

I started 20 years ago researching health and wellness and disease prevention after my fathers passing from a preventable disease. I went on a mission to learn as much as I could about GMO’s, additives, poisons in our food, air and water supplies.

Call me selfish, but I actually like to see people live as long as possible rather than dying earlier than they should.
I have learned that most disease can be prevented, our government continues to poison our food, water and air every day, and we sit back and take it without question.

So now we roll on to the so called “Pandemic”…….

In 2009 David Icke made a video (I have it) where he predicted everything that is happening today so accurately you swear he was a time traveller, and most people thought he was nuts. When you see his video your jaw will drop…

How did he know? Well it’s called agenda 21 & agenda 30 look it up.

So when they decided to roll out a vacc-scene (spelt wrong for fact-checkers) I already knew this was part of the plan.

Whether you choose to inject yourself with a bunch of life altering chemicals is up to you. It will change your DNA; thousands have died already and tens of thousands have been injured in just a few months (All the info is there if you look for it)


I am done!

Done with it all and I am going to do my best to refrain from posting anything as its not my job to waken you…you have to choose if you want to be woken.

I have seen so many real stories from real people that never make the news that are heartbreaking and there is a huge cover up going on in the medical field with nurses, doctors and more speaking out in their thousands.

These are the people that you can find on Bitchute, telegram etc and once you see their stories you may just have a breakthrough.

My online business is all about positivity, community, health and wellness and making a global difference and moving forward that’s where my energy will be directed.

So wear a mask, don’t wear a mask, get a jab, don’t get one, comply or resist it’s up to you now.

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