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Australian citizens asking questions about mask wearing?


Australian citizens asking questions about mask wearing?

By Lila Zophia

I have thought about it overnight, I have decided to comply with the mask mandates. After all, I want to be a great citizen and definitely don’t want to be selfish. So, if it saves lives I’ll do it. But I need guidance from the experts on here since I am obviously clueless. Please help.


1. After shopping at the local grocery store, do we leave the masks on once we leave or does the virus just stay in the stores?
– If we leave it on, then for how long?
– How many miles can I drive before it is safe to remove the mask?

2. What about my fingers, arms, legs, head, neck and toes? Should I disinfect them BEFORE or AFTER I remove my mask? After all they were exposed at the store too.
– If I touch my mask, do I have to sanitize my hands?
– Now I contaminated my hand sanitizer bottle. How do I disinfect my sanitizer bottle without getting infected again?

3. When we arrive home from the grocery store, do we disinfect the goods and bags BEFORE we bring them inside or AFTER? Together or separately? Do I put the mask back on?

4. Once we have the goods inside, do we disinfect the entire car or just the trunk? Inside or outside the garage? Just don’t want to spread the virus.

5. Do we need to disinfect our counter tops, pantries, refrigerator, entire kitchen, the dogs (they always sniff the bags), doors we touched, the garage, driveway and street? I mean, really think about it….the virus is EVERYWHERE!

6. What should I do with my mask? Do I burn it? It was also exposed to the virus just as I was.

7. What about the clothes I wore to the store? Is disinfecting them ok? Do I disinfect them in the grocery store parking lot or in my garage or outside? Before or after I disinfect the car? Before or after I disinfect the bags and groceries?

8. What about my eyes? Are there special eye drops I need to take? Where do I get those?

9. After consuming the goods from the store, do I need a biohazard bag for the waste? While on this biohazard topic, so I dispose of my mask there? I mean, it’s so deadly for anyone to come into contact with.

10. Is the juice and milk I bought safe to drink or should I disinfect it first? How does one do this?

11. Is there a specific shampoo, conditioner and soap to use? Where can we get this?

12. My meds…what about my meds? Are they safe to orally consume or should I disinfect them too? How is this accomplished without them dissolving?

13. If I shop at a hardware store, should I disinfect each item as a group or individually and BEFORE or AFTER I put use them in my project? Does the manufacturer do this? Does the hardware store do this? What about the employees? How do we really know? OMG, I am terrified.

14. I want to paint my room, but I am not sure if I should disinfect the paint BEFORE or AFTER I apply it to the walls. How is this accomplished?

15. What if I forgot to follow any of the above? Do I call the fire department, CDC, emergency squad, my doctor, or psychiatrist? All of them? In what order?

16. Since we’re boycotting the use of cash, how do we disinfect our debit or credit cards? Should I do this before or after I use it? Should the cashier disinfect it before returning it to me? But will it be effective enough? After all, the virus is EVERYWHERE! It’s going to get us all!

17. When I buy a coffee from drive through Maccas, do I then use an antibacterial wipe to wipe down the paper cup, and do I drive my car with my mask on then try to yell through it when I ask the male or female individual for my order? So I sanitize my hands before I take my cup of coffee? Do you happen to know Dan Andrews?

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