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For those wanting to help make the world a better place then I’m sure you’ll agree we need independent media


By Jamie McIntyre

For those wanting to help make the world a better place then I’m sure you’ll agree we need independent media.

One way you can help is support the not for profit new site I founded back in 2013 in Melbourne Australia

Originally a print newspaper in newsagents, its now solely online.

We lost our 10,000 Facebook followers to help spread the various news articles when our account was stolen and Facebook did nothing to assist in getting it back.

If you support what we are doing please like the Facebook page and share it

We are after non paid contributors, donations and sponsors/advertisers to help grow our Australian and Global presence.

Immediately after I founded the Australian National Review in 2013 I was attacked by Government agencies and relentlessly pursued plus Character assassinated by certain factions of dodgy mainstream media.

It’s cost me tens of millions of dollars in losses but I still believe in the mission to expose the lies in mainstream media and

Australian National Review is Australia’s first real free and independent press, one with no editorial control by the elite, but a publication that can generate critical thinkers and critical debate and hold those spreading mistruths and deliberate propaganda in mainstream media to account.

News with a difference that will be educational, compelling and create a platform for political and social change in this country and address the real issues facing this country and the world.

What price are you willing to pay to defend the undefended and to make the world a better place?

For now liking our Face book and sharing articles of interest from helps.

If you can become a paid subscriber (only $9.95 per month) or donate whatever you can afford or maybe become a sponsor for as little as $1000 or advertise from $500 it will help drive its mission.

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