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July 16, 2021

There Is a Limit to How Many More Warnings Can Be Given of What the Globalists Have Planned for You

July 7, 2021

Pfizer Vaxx 99% Poison Plus Today Another 43 Million Being Murdered by Bs 19 Jab Watch Jamie McIntyre Uncensored on the Web: Follow Jamie McIntyre on Telegram: Follow Australian National Review:

July 6, 2021

Want your world back . Develop some courage and take a stand with your life . No taking the Bs 19 jab designed for losers with low IQ , no wearing masks designed for human slaves and no more letting the criminal elites and cringing cartels like the Rothschilds and Rockefeller’s corrupt our world.

July 5, 2021

25 million reasons I wouldn’t take a bs Jab

$1 million challenge that there will be over 100 million bs 19 injuries within a year – closer to 1 billion and over 1 million deaths . That’s the best case scenario- most likely will be 100 million plus deaths within several years – anyone is welcome to put up and bet that I’m wrong – sadly this is what’s coming . Australian National Review on telegram or

GEF says “anyone who takes a Covid jab could lose their job“

July 2, 2021

Calling on Prime Minister Scott Morrison to stand down and enable a peaceful revolution. He and both major parties have lost confidence of Australian people and is following foreign orders set by the Globalists. It’s also time we create our own national digital currency and end the farce of the Rothschilds run central banking system so we can fund our own armies and own Governments representative of the people

July 1, 2021

No more bs I’ll take the jab if I can travel or I have to take it to keep my job. That’s complete cop out Bs . Take a stand and dare your employer to put it in writing that they will fire you if you don’t partake in a rushed to market, unnecessary, unproven, ineffective, dangerous and deadly global medical experiment. Dare them . Start telling these Covid fraudsters to go stick it up there arse and send the army now to forcible try and vaccinate us and see what happens

June 30, 2021

Australia is lagging in last place of OECD countries for the deadly Global Medical Experiment. Great news . We still have a fighting chance. Keep up the good work awakening the naive and gullible who are thinking about falling for the Bs 19 scam and taking a Bs19 jab pushed upon them by the dodgy drug spruikers on Tv and our idiot politicians who would sell their grandmother for a pay rise.
Let’s “ f*** “ with the Bs19 fraudsters and Globalists plans. Let’s get creative and beat them at the own game. Humanity depends upon fit.
It’s time to delete the elite before they delete us.

June 28, 2021

Less then 60 days to prepare - as by then they’ll have achieved Vaxx target

Time is now of the essence – we can’t spend much more time on trying to wake the remaining minority up. It’s time to start preparing – they’ll have army on the streets and stage 5 martial lockdowns well before you expect – and once the northern hemisphere winter starts life as we know is over – all hell will break loose – they’ll blame it on bs 19 mutant strains to cover up from the massive bs 19 vaxx death and injuries and military will do forcible vaccinations

June 27, 2021

Living in denial of what’s happening might feel good in the short term but it won’t be in the long term – no one pushes a deadly global medical experiment if they cared about humanity – no one can argue such an experiment would not kill and injure hundreds of thousands mostly likely millions

June 22, 2021

What’s the best case, most likely and worse case scenario humanity is facing. With over 2 billion vaccinated and less then 60 days from the Globalists achieving critical mass of future depopulation targets from bs 19 vaxx death and injury that will be blamed on Bs 19 or mutant strains what’s likely to happen ?

June 21, 2021

Plus the Global Economic Forum says “employers must ensure a safe working environment and warn employers if they partake in the Global Medical Experiment then they may well lose their job”.The Global Health Organisation also says “that people should remain a minimum of 15 metres away from anyone that has been vaccinated”

June 18, 2021

It’s deliberate that they pushed a Global Medical Experiment on people-no insane person could suggest to do so – it’s deliberate they cover-up of death and injury – deliberate that they aren’t stopping after so many deaths and injuries from the bs 19 jab and its deliberate,instead,they are pushing it harder .

June 16, 2021

I agree we need to stop listening to conspiracy theories – they are dangerous and not based in fact and are deadly – we must all unite to stamp these 6 dangerous conspiracy theories out, and those pushing them must be put behind bars .

June 15, 2021

Full version And how we know the Bs 19 fraud is deliberate, not inadvertent.

June 15, 2021

Media attack Pauline Hanson highlighting TGA deaths using twisted logic

June 12, 2021

The next 90 days will determine humanities fate - everyone who takes the jab is a victory to the criminal globalists - every one that you stop taking it is a victory to humanity - this is war and their weapon of choice is the Bs 19 vaxx - will humanity awaken in time to save itself - 150,000 deaths deleted from Vaers - that’s just in the Us alone

June 8, 2021

Prime Minister Morrison and Hitler becoming more similar by the day

MAY 31, 2021

You either represent the citizens of Australia or you represent foreign powers such as the Globalists. End the vaccine roll out and stop his mass genocide – stop hiding the bs 19 vaxx deaths and stop lying to the Australia people they are safe and effective and necessary when they are neither.

MAY 29, 2021

My speech today at the Millions March – My apologies for not swearing ha

MAY 29, 2021

Getting ready to speak at the Millions March against mandatory Bs19 vaxx

MAY 28, 2021

Conformity is for losers- for human slaves – you are neither so simply don’t conform or follow directives from bs 19 fraudsters

MAY 25, 2021

I support crypto as it doesn’t answer to our corrupted Governments and our collapsing western society built on the scam of “fiat currency” and central controlled bankers federal reserve banking debt based system. The more they print the more one should shift to crypto.

MAY 25, 2021

Make it hard for these Globalists to kill us with their bs 19 vax

MAY 20, 2021

Watch as Sco Mo and other moron politicians try and scam you, your granny and your kids into participating in a deadly vaccine cult and effectively take your life over a “Man Flu” (created by two half men Gates and Fauci in a Wuhan lab – the longest lasting Made in China product so far).

MAY 1, 2021

India bs 19 vaxx is forcible genocide. Branson and Arnie shame on you

April 20, 2021

Bitcoin price predictions and why Bitcoin 2.0

April 19, 2021

Frontline workers can say no to the Bs19 jab

April 18, 2021

Independent news media is one of the biggest weapons we have to fight back and destroy the false Bs19 Globalists narrative – Awareness is always the first step to change – the great awakening verse the Great Reset – choose to awaken others otherwise the Globalists will win

April 18, 2021

I’m putting up $1 million (cash property or Bitcoin or even Bitcoin 2.0) to challenge any politician or mainstream media pressitute, or dodgy Bs 19 fraudsters that if anyone takes the Bs 19 vaxx (any of them) they’ll have an average life expectancy of less than 5-10 years (scientists included ex Pfizer scientists saying 2-3 years).

April 16, 2021

Who do you want to take the Bs19 vaxx ?

April 15, 2021

Bitcoin sets new records and head of TGA says more chance of winning lotto

April 12, 2021

If we can stop the bs 19 vaxx rollout we can save humanity – if we can’t many family and friends of us all we lose their lives – we must help the good politicians figure out they are being scammed by Gates and his masters to commit global genocide before the politicians go down in history for pushing innocents into such a deadly global medical experiment

April 6, 2021

We can only live in denial for so long. Delude ourselves it’s just a conspiracy, as they murder your granny, and now they are coming for your children – if you let a family member or friend take a Bs 19 vaxx they’ll only on average last another 3 years.

April 2, 2021

If Kill Bill got killed, would the world be sad or happy?

March 15, 2021

How can politicians expect to escape prosecution over the Bs 19 vaxx

March 12, 2021

Aust Prime Minister admits Bs 19 is “A Bad Flu” and we should treat it (note sound improves after first minute). The Australian Prime Minister said yesterday “We need to adjust our attitude to “BS 19″ as it’s a bad flu”. No shit dick Tracey. And how to influence your family and friends to not make what could be a fatal mistake and take the Bs 19, even if you have to swear to get your point across.

Dec 25, 2020

It’s best to be on the side of truth

Dec 19, 2020

More bullshit Covid lockdowns

Dec 17, 2020

Us Election Update-Covid Fraud and where are all the men to defend society

Dec 3, 2020

2020 Covid summary in under 2 minutes

Dec 1, 2020

Get Politically educated before being opinionated- msm isn’t education

Nov 27, 2020

You’ll own nothing but be completely happy says billionaire socialists

Nov 25, 2020

Did you know a Global Facist Police totalarian state is coming in 2021?

Nov 24, 2020

Should we boycott Qantas and all brands that try to enforce dangerous manda

Nov 18, 2020

Why can’t they isolate the virus yet with all the worlds resources ?

Nov 17, 2020

Why they are censoring the voter f-raud?

Oct 24, 2020

Interview on the Falsified Pandemic and solutions

Oct 20, 2020

Why Melbourne was the chosen one in Australia

Oct 18, 2020

Nz Election and Should Victorians leave

Oct 10, 2020

Is Covid a money making fraud ?

Oct 10, 2020

$1 million challenge that Covid is a fraud

Oct 8, 2020

ANR Global News Network

Oct 5, 2020

Response to 2GB Ben Fordhams claim I was inciting violence against Dan Andr

Oct 5, 2020

Corrupt politicians will be exposed over the falsified pandemic

Oct 5, 2020

$1 million challenge that Covid is a fraud

Oct 1, 2020

Crypto currency and Bitcoin is here to stay - here is my price predictions

Oct 5, 2020

How to hit mainstream media where it hurts them for their Coronavirus lies

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