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Why Body Detox is Essential?


Why Body Detox is Essential?

By Staff Reporter

Research shows that the body is exposed to Over 80,000 known toxins every day.

• Store in your fat cells, making it hard to lose weight.
• Mess with your memory, clarity, and focus.
• Interfere with your immune system.
• Disrupt your endocrine systems, affecting your energy,
sleep, and quality of life.
• Are unavoidable! They are in the food you eat, water you drink, and air you breathe.

When you remove toxic build-up, you restore balance to your immune system. Achieve your health potential naturally. As you detox, all systems perform optimally and you achieve restful sleep, a calm mind, and enhanced focus are now within reach.

Zeolite Clinoptilolite is a miracle mineral that targets toxins for detox. Numerous studies attest to the selective nature of the zeolite clinoptilolite, to ONLY take out toxins, and never any good nutrients. Powdered zeolites only work in the gut but Pure Body Extra targets toxins to a cellular level thanks to nanometer sizing and advanced technology that suspends zeolite in water clusters. It’s a passive cleanse that is also fast-acting.

Pure Body Extra works on the Laws of Attraction. This negatively-charged zeolite works like a magnet, trapping positively-charged toxins such as lead, mercury, arsenic, cadmium, and many more, and carries them out of the body within hours.

A Special Offer for ANR Readers Only

Normally, this remarkable detoxifier sells on their website for $79.95, which is why we were shocked when Touchstone said they’d offer it to our readers for just $5. They’ll even include free shipping. We asked them how they could possibly offer it at such a low price, and this is what the company said.

“We’re on a mission to touch one million families with goodness. We know if we just get the product in people’s hands, the results are so good, people reorder it again and again. We’re happy to make a difference in people’s lives.”

But it gets better.

When you subscribe to a monthly shipment today, not only is your first bottle $5, but you’ll lock in a 20% off member discount and free shipping every month after that.

100% Risk-Free Guarantee

Best of all, there’s zero risk. You can cancel your subscription any time (before the next shipment), or return your shipment within 30 days for a full refund. They’ll even refund your $5 if you’re not happy with the product, less return shipping of course.

Imagine being free of disease-causing heavy metals, nitrosamines, volatile organic compounds, and pesticides in just 30 seconds a day, with no harsh side effects.

Hurry, It’s Only Available to the First 500 People

There is absolutely nothing to lose and so much to gain. But you have to hurry, there are only 500 reserved and at only $5, they’re selling quickly. We will run out soon.


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